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Growing Additional Services

Increase revenue from additional services

While one of the primary goals is to get patients in your clinic, too little (or even no) attention is paid to customers once they are inside the clinic. All clinics have “additional services” that are a great benefit to the patients and important revenue for the clinic. Common examples include teeth straighteners for dental clinics, Vitamin B-12 Injections for “Urgent Cares” and more. Leveraging the UPshow screen to increase awareness, education, and adoption of the additional services have proven to be effective and profitable. The UPshow team authored this playbook after years of working alongside industry experts. 

This Playbook = Increased Revenue

Introduction & The ROI Calculator

This is the perfect starting point to measure the opportunity. The ROI Calculator helps you determine how many new clients conversions in order to reach a certain profit goal.

Promoting Additional Services with UPcodes

Showcase the most important additional service(s) and providing an opportunity to learn more via UPcode provides an extra level of engagement. .

Social Media Strategy

A common use of the interactive social media feature is to feature the clinic’s own post from the brand’s account as a means to showcase posts and increase followers of the brand account.

Choosing Entertainment Channels

With hundreds of channels to choose from, selecting & scheduling entertainment can seem daunting. We got you covered.

Creating the Perfect Mix

The Mix determines the screen-time & sequence that is allocated to different features. We’ve got the perfect Mix that best maximize your revenue-generating opportunities.

Bonus Guides

Finish & Win!

Once you’ve completed the Playbook, email to be entered into the monthly Gift Card drawing.