What's the Difference: UPshow vs. Chive

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So, you’re looking for a new marketing tool. You know the incredible ways cable alternatives can benefit your business. You’ve narrowed down your options, but are left wondering whether UPshow or Chive TV will be the service that meets your needs.

I’ll make it easy for you: UPshow offers all the features as Chive TV (and much more!), but takes it a step further by allowing for far more customizability, so the platform can be fully tailored to your business. Don’t believe me? Let’s break it down.


Tailored Social Media TV


While Chive limits its viral video content customization to the selection of specific genres like ‘puppies’ or ‘fail videos’, UPshow gives you access to a wide range of social media-powered channels on the teams and topics that matter most to your customers. That way, you can have a Buckeyes channel in your Ohio bar, a home improvement channel in your waiting room, or a travel channel in your hotel. Plus, UPshow’s integration with the top internet TV provider (Pluto.tv) gives you access to leading channels such as FailArmy, Wipeout, Fox Sports, News 24/7, KidsTV and much more.

Fully Branded


UPshow’s platform can be completely customized to your brand - colors, style, logo, hashtags and more. Have something specific in mind? We’ll do everything we can to help you out. We won’t leave you to your own devices, or limit you to a tiny logo in the corner. Ultimately, your customers will see this as “Your Brand TV” and think you’ve invested in building out your own channel!

No Ads

Courtesy of GIPHY

Courtesy of GIPHY

The UPshow platform guarantees total control. This means no ads, ever, promoting your competition or interrupting your customers’ entertainment. The only marketing materials your guests will see are your own - and that’s a great thing! 

Social Media CRM


Our easy-to-use social CRM of actionable insights, data, and influencers is built to increase sales, repeat visitation and customer satisfaction.

Games & Trivia


Get customers engaged, staying longer, and spending more as they enjoy trivia and games activated from their mobile phones.

In addition to giving you the best of the above features, UPshow has so much more to offer. We specialize in building businesses their very own Social TV - a dynamic social media display that delights customers and incentivizes them to talk about your business online. With options to add-on Pluto.tv, games & trivia, and more, you’ll use UPshow for more than just viral videos.

Take a look at UPshow’s full list of available features and partners.

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