Spotlight: Snowdragon Shavery

Fun, fresh and delicious doesn’t just describe the appealing dessert creation of Snowdragon Shavery but also the brand’s social content! Offering froyo, coconut water, macaroons and more, Snowdragon delights customers with “Snow Cream”. All these sweet treats are displayed with energetic zeal on Snowdragon’s Instagram account and its UPshow screen.

Spotlight: Senor Frog's Orlando

Senor Frog’s Orlando wants you to unleash your fiesta! The lively restaurant’s rejection of silly rules and regulations and encouragement of hanging out, dancing, singing and all around acting in whatever way makes you feel like a Frog Star brings about fun social media content from customers. The intensity of the venue only heats up with those customer posts blasted on the UPshow screens and in return, Senor Frog’s Orlando has a seriously fun consumer-generated content frog-print on social.