UPshow CEO Shares With Forbes: How To Treat All Customers Like Influencers

UPshow CEO Shares With Forbes: How To Treat All Customers Like Influencers

If your in-venue experience only gets seen by current customers, is it really giving you the best ROI?

UPshow CEO Adam Hirsen shares his solution for spreading your business's brand story beyond a brick-and-mortar location.

Spotlight: Deuce's and the Diamond Club

f there was ever a place with a picturesque industrial space, comfort food and high energy, Deuce’s and the Diamond Club is that place. The restaurant/bar in the heart of Wrigleyville features event spaces, an outdoor patio with cabanas and a reflecting fountain, and a menu stuffed with gourmet burgers, craft beers and aged whiskeys.

Spotlight: iFLY

When your dream of flight becomes a reality, you want to make sure the moment is shared and remembered as the unforgettable experience it is. iFLY’s partnership with UPshow has been blown away to expanding heights with employee advocacy, influencers and motivational social outreach.


Spotlight: Bar Louie

Spotlight: Bar Louie

The modern, relaxed vibe at Bar Louie invites both local and regional beers, handcrafted cocktails and craveable food choices for guests to enjoy. In 11 Bar Louie locations around the country, UPshow screens are helping bring social content to life inside the venues and online.

Spotlight: Granite City

Spotlight: Granite City

Granite City aims to empower people and have fun in the process. So raise a glass to fresh made food, beer fresh brewed and all the delicious things in life, like UPshow! Already in 6 different Granite City locations, UPshow has joined in Granite City’s quest of empowerment and fun. 

UPshow on the Big Screens

Bigger is better, especially when it comes to screens.  This summer, UPshow has made it big time on the big screen! From shopping malls, music festivals and tourist attractions, UPshow has displayed social media content and dynamic digital signage across the country on screens bigger than ever. These (sometimes) 100ft screens help draw attention to the various advantages of consumer-generated content and stunning social media displays.   

Spotlight: World of Beer

Travel the World of Beer from your local barstool with 50 craft beers on tap and over 500 more in the cooler. Over 10 World of Beer locations partner with UPshow and give social media audiences a true taste exploration of beers and accompanied eats.  

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at World of Beer-highlighting customer posts that aren't just pictures but invaluable promotions. 

Connected Commerce: The Link Between Social Media and the Cash Register

What happens when you combine your customers love for social media and their desire for personalized attention from brands? UPshow magic! Well, we like to call it Connected Commerce, but its ability to power social media-driven spending is pretty magical.       

Spotlight: Snowdragon Shavery

Fun, fresh and delicious doesn’t just describe the appealing dessert creation of Snowdragon Shavery but also the brand’s social content! Offering froyo, coconut water, macaroons and more, Snowdragon delights customers with “Snow Cream”. All these sweet treats are displayed with energetic zeal on Snowdragon’s Instagram account and its UPshow screen.

Spotlight: Pete's Dueling Piano Bar Austin

Get ready to sing loud and proud in the great state of Texas when you walk through the doors of the original Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar in Austin. With the infectious excitement of 2 side-by-side baby grand pianos dueling it out in the rock ‘n roll atmosphere, the night depends on the singing, laughing, clapping and dancing of the audience. When you’re at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, you’re the best entertainment of the night!

Spotlight: Senor Frog's Orlando

Senor Frog’s Orlando wants you to unleash your fiesta! The lively restaurant’s rejection of silly rules and regulations and encouragement of hanging out, dancing, singing and all around acting in whatever way makes you feel like a Frog Star brings about fun social media content from customers. The intensity of the venue only heats up with those customer posts blasted on the UPshow screens and in return, Senor Frog’s Orlando has a seriously fun consumer-generated content frog-print on social.

Spotlight: CTF Chicago

Over 150 classes a week, up to 1200 calories burned a class, 50 minute class sessions equals a 100 percent progress. CTF Chicago has the largest offering of group classes and personal training open to all fitness levels. With UPshow screens in the facility, members can track their #fitnessgoals and even catch a big brand ambassador promoting an available class.    

The ultimate brand image-powered by UPshow

 A business wants a brand image that is authentic and top-of-mind to consumers. Various techniques have been attempted to master a relatable brand image that is appealing to a large audience. UPshow easily conquers authenticity and top-of-mind awareness with one simple solution: Consumer-generated content.

Spotlight: Milkcraft

Meet the sweet treat that is impossible to not take a picture of- Milkcraft’s ice cream. The Milkcraft creamery serves ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen and scooped into a Hong Kong bubble cone. The treat receives so many well-deserved social mentions that the business won UPshow’s Most Engaging Quick-Serve location for the year of 2016! The added fun the UPshow screen brings in-venue to the frozen treat stop convinces customers to spend more time in venue to show off their creative goody.