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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Social TV?

Social TV turns the existing TVs at your business into customized marketing & entertainment screens for your brand. It gives you total control of the content on your TVs - from digital signage to customer social media posts to hyperlocal entertainment - all easily managed from your phone!

Do I have to have social media on my screen?

While there's nothing better than seeing the joy of one of your customers after they see their social media posts on your TVs, we do offer packages without this feature. Click here to find out which package is right for you.

What is included in the "entertainment" feature?

Our entertainment suite includes UPshowNow, which is a robust library of Social Media TV Feeds built from the top social accounts for variety of topics (sports/news/pop culture/humor/etc), as well as's top video channels.

How do I get started?

Contact us! We'll be in touch to set up your account and answer any questions.

Can I schedule a demo?

Click here to ask for a custom demo!

Is there a free trial I can try?

We offer a free custom demo to interested customers. Click here to ask for a demo.

Can I customize my screen?

Of course! It is very important to us that you feel your UPshow screen represents your business. A customer support specialist will help you customize your screen once you receive your device(s).

How do you keep inappropriate content from getting posted?

Our UPshield service moderates all content in real time before it hits the screen. Moderation is done by a REAL PEOPLE in REAL TIME to ensure every post is appropriate and enjoyable for all guests.

Who manages my UPshow platform?

Short answer - you do! While your account manager will assist with setup and any problems or requests you may have using UPshow, our goal is to give you total control over what you show on your screen.

What social platforms work with UPshow?

Instagram and Twitter are the key social platforms for customer generated content to appear on screen.

I don't work in hospitality. Can I have a screen specially designed for my business?

We can build an UPshow screen for almost any business, event, or office! Click here to ask for a custom demo.

I see there's an UPshow app, can I download it for my screen(s)?

The UPshow app is for UPshow customers to manage all aspects of their screen. You must have already installed and setup your UPshow account and device(s) for it to work.


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