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Our Cloud-Based Digital Signage Platform

Manage TV screens at all your locations in one place with UPshow’s cloud-based digital signage solutions. Our platform offers full content control, unlocks in-depth insights and powers real business results—all through a user-friendly dashboard. UPshow enables easy collaboration and TV-screen customization, helping you reach your marketing goals.

Real-Time Adjustments

Flexible Control for Every Screen

Each of your screens has a unique purpose. Whether you’re highlighting new menu items in a restaurant, promoting the pediatric services of your office in an OBGYN waiting room, or highlighting weight loss success stories at your gym, UPshow is built to accommodate the needs of every audience and individual TV. Marketing priorities and customer attitudes shift frequently—and UPshow lets you respond just as quickly. Through a cloud-based signage platform, we facilitate real-time updates of your screens at all of your facilities.

With multi-user access, our cloud-based digital signage software encourages collaboration and ensures you’re able to make quick updates when needed. With our platform, you aren’t locked into the rigid programming of cable TV or stuck with static printed signage. Instead, you can capture customers’ attention through compelling entertainment channels and eye-catching promotions designed with your target audience in mind.

Your goal may be app downloads, personal training sign-ups or moving a specific menu item. Whatever form your business objectives take, UPshow allows you to get there faster through high-performing digital signage. As you gain more insight and review data, our cloud creation tools allow quick adjustments, bringing you closer to your goals through data-driven decisions.

“The best platform we’ve ever worked with for managing digital signage and in-venue screens.”

Kate, Riding Academy Manager

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Customizable Content Curation

Curate the Right Content Mix for Your TVs

UPshow’s cloud-based digital signage solutions make you the producer of your own TV channel. Our platform lets you take command, creating content that aligns with your brand and helps you achieve business objectives. Sports bar signage needs differ dramatically from city to city, food offers may vary based on the climate of that location and personal training sales may require different incentives at different gyms. With UPshow’s flexible platform, you can carefully curate your playlist to include channels and promotional UPshow Spotlights that match your venue’s needs and goals.

Our cloud-based digital signage platform accommodates any level of marketing control. Whether you want to leverage our pre-set templates, build your own through our easy Canva integration or distribute designed marketing materials from a corporate level, UPshow delivers on your needs. You have full control to curate your playlist of content, making decisions about the Spotlights or entertainment channels that appear at specific times of day or at specific store locations. And with a cloud-based platform, you can update screens on the fly, from anywhere.

Using UPshow, you remain agile and responsive to customer engagement trends, enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing materials. From loyalty app downloads to personal training sign-ups, our cloud-based signage platform brings your business goals within reach—and delivers data that lets you measure progress in real time.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Manage Spotlights With Minimal Effort

Our cloud creation and management platform make it easy to control screens at every location. Regional management can:

  • Provide templates for individual locations and control content options
  • Limit your gyms’ entertainment options to approved news and sports channels
  • Provide several diverse content mixes that give your restaurants a choice in their programming

Through a scheduling feature that maps to your company’s structure, you easily ensure on-brand experiences while delegating day-to-day screen management to each venue.

Designed with ease of use in mind, UPshow’s cloud-based digital signage solution offers a straightforward dashboard that brings promotional Spotlight templates, content scheduling and in-depth analysis together in one location. UPshow’s digital signage evolves with you to keep up with your changing needs. Through automatic updates, our software stays on the cutting edge without requiring manual changes.

Our cloud-based platform syncs seamlessly with plug-and-play, Google-driven hardware to make your digital signage easy to manage. UPshow empowers you with user-friendly campaign management tools at every touchpoint. The days of manually changing printed signs or adding content with a USB drive are behind us. UPshow believes digital signage should be accessible and manageable. We fulfill this promise by putting expansive content options, graphics templates and scheduling control at your fingertips.

“UPshow has provided Dave & Buster’s the ability to manage all of the unique areas inside of our venues with ease. Their centralized platform allows us to schedule complex, separate content strategies where we need it so we always know our customers are engaged.”

Gretchen Seller, National Brand Marketing Manager

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