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Measure Success with Digital Signage Campaign Management Tools

Leverage contactless digital signage to grow customer engagement inside and outside the four walls of your venue. UPshow’s cloud-based digital signage management software offers complete control of your digital signage marketing campaigns from design to delivery. Our user-friendly digital signage management software allows marketers, administrators and venue managers to easily control multiple screens and distribute targeted campaigns.

Build Customized Marketing Campaigns

Screen in the UPshow Manager saying "Welcome to our Spotlight Creator" with options for spotlight types below

Build Customized Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are not just about online ads, direct mailers or billboard awareness campaigns. The smartest companies integrate their out-of-venue efforts with their in-venue digital signage to extend the life and efficacy of their marketing campaigns. Companies that bring out-of-venue efforts to their in-venue screens increase customer engagement, reinforce messaging and promote ideal customer behavior. Utilizing external campaigns for in-venue digital signage isn’t as intimidating as it can first appear. Businesses of all sizes successfully create new and distribute additional marketing campaigns with UPshow’s digital signage management software.

For enterprise companies with in-house design and marketing teams, UPshow’s unique account structure makes it easy to manage branded assets and keep messaging consistent. Corporate marketing teams access a parent account on the UPshow platform and upload the assets for venues and franchises to use. Staff at local venues utilize those assets to build on-brand campaigns.

For companies without a dedicated design team, UPshow enables easy digital signage content creation. Our platform integrates with the online design tool Canva. With Canva, you can choose from a variety of premade templates or build your own from scratch. Regardless of  your design background, anyone can build engaging marketing campaigns with UPshow’s digital signage management software. 

No matter the business size, in-venue marketing campaigns succeed by combining your assets with UPshow’s core offerings:

  • Display entertainment from our library of more than 300 channels to draw attention to screens and inject that entertainment with your marketing campaigns.
  • Further your digital signage content creation personalization with UPcodes to deliver key messages on your screens.
  • Highlight your venue’s promotions and drive engagement with QR codes. 
  • Integrate social media feeds into your marketing campaigns. Make your customers the stars. When they use your company’s hashtag on their Twitter or Instagram posts, display those posts on your screens. 

Combining those core offerings with your assets is easy with UPshow Mixes. With Mixes, you control how much and often each type of content runs. Vary your campaigns throughout the day and keep customers engaged by showing them a combination of different assets instead of the same message over and over. By using entertainment and social media posts as buffers around your campaign messaging, you ensure customers stay engaged.

  • Restaurants may want to show relevant sports trivia and happy hour promotions during the commercial breaks of a big game.
  • A healthcare waiting room may choose to highlight a new physician or procedure while running meditative nature programming to set patients at ease.
  • Gyms and fitness centers can promote their personal training programs or class offerings between photos from members highlighting their wellness journey.

Using Mixes to schedule the content and entertainment options provided by UPshow creates a truly memorable in-venue experience for your customers. Using digital signage management software to build engaging marketing campaigns has never been easier for you.

“UPshow’s Canva integration allows me to build campaigns and highlight current events on a much more convenient and effective basis, driving continued engagement from our members.”

Jason Neumann, F45

Ready to Start Your First Digital Signage Campaign?

Fully Control Campaign Deployment

Screen in UPshow's digital signage content management platform showing content mixes and percentage of each content type

Fully Control Campaign Deployment

Even the best marketing campaigns fail when they target the wrong audience. Expend your marketing efforts strategically. Display the right message to the right audience every time with UPshow’s digital signage content management tools. You know your audience best. That’s why UPshow gives you full control over campaign deployment.

UPshow’s digital signage management software makes scheduling and adjusting campaign deployment simple with Mixes. Mixes support short and long-term campaigns. If current events change or your business needs to rapidly adjust its marketing strategy, Mixes are easy to pause and edit. With our digital signage content creation and scheduling tools, your business can plan out content for a few months or for an entire calendar year.

Enterprise companies with nationwide marketing campaigns build schedules and push these campaigns to specific venues at specific times. The UPshow Manager’s intuitive interface allows enterprise companies to achieve any granularity required, even down to the screen-by-screen level. Individual venues and franchises can customize their schedules to match their specific audience needs. 

  • Highlight more food and beverage promotions during happy hours.
  • At peak traffic times in your gym, display class openings and spotlight personal trainers. 
  • Hosting a special event? Pause your current campaign and run a one-time campaign designed specifically for the event.

Campaigns relevant to customers in one part of the country won’t always resonate with customers elsewhere. UPshow’s role-based account profiles simplify location-by-location campaign scheduling for enterprises or franchises. 

UPshow’s digital signage content management tools let you customize campaigns by individual screens. Run relevant entertainment options on one screen, trivia on another and special promotions on a third.

Non-functional screens don’t add value to your business. That’s why UPshow’s digital signage management software comes with remote screen monitoring tools. Regular maintenance and stress tests ensure your screens always display what you want them to. UPshow helps prevent downtime before major, in-venue streaming events so that you always get the most out of your screens. Whether you want full-time support or assistance only when you need it, UPshow has a solution that fits your company.

Monitor Your Campaigns with Digital Signage Management Software

Insights in UPshow's digital content management platform showing promotions' appearances, engagement and value generated.

Monitor Your Campaigns with Digital Signage Management Software

Once you create and deploy your marketing campaign, it’s time to measure your results. This critical feedback helps you determine whether your campaigns succeeded or if you need to consider changing course. 

UPshow’s digital signage management software tracks all your content creations. See at a glance which promotions display on your screens most often and compare that to sales data from your point of sale (POS) system to measure success.

Monitor remote devices through UPshow’s platform. Check screen and device installation statuses to minimize downtime. Because UPshow’s platform is cloud based, you can monitor screens and campaigns from any and all locations.

Track interactions with custom UPcodes. UPcodes are next-generation QR codes that transform regular digital signage into dynamic and trackable marketing assets. Create sophisticated, interactive calls to action that fit your brand’s visual guidelines and even incorporate your own logo.

Drive customers to any online destination directly from their phones in seconds, and measure campaign performance data entirely within the security of the UPshow platform. Gain meaningful, in-depth insights over days, weeks or months, and optimize your design to be even more successful all within one platform.

Using UPcodes increases the impact of all campaigns, from loyalty app downloads to personal training consultations to employee training. Our UPcodes comprise an important part of our powerful reporting tool within the UPshow Manager. Slice reports by campaign or by location, and compare results to understand if you need to improve messaging or implementation. With UPshow’s digital signage campaign management tools, you create valuations for each campaign and ensure your marketing dollars positively impact your bottom line.

Content Moderation and Support

Screen in the UPshow Manager showing social content, with hashtagged posts populating for display on in-venue screens.

Content Moderation and Support

UPshield is UPshow’s 24/7 content moderation service. Human content moderators manage every UPshow account. This moderation team reviews social media posts before they hit your screens so you never have to worry about displaying inappropriate content. 

Our online help center offers 24/7 support for all accounts. Enterprise accounts can reach out to their dedicated support team whenever they need assistance.

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