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Derive Greater Screen Value with Platform Integrations

UPshow seamlessly integrates industry-leading software, entertainment packages, POS systems and custom applications directly into our digital signage platform. Our platform integrations streamline data sharing between multiple systems, connect to popular social platforms, provide access to a fully customizable content library and simplify content generation.

Engage Customers with Entertainment Integrations

Screen showing entertainment options available in UPshow's platform, organized by subscriptions and newest channels

UPshow’s digital signage platform provides the following entertainment integrations:

  • Pluto TV: Free television entertainment, no cable necessary. Pluto’s top channels, including news, sports, cartoons and viral videos.
  • Jukin Media: User-generated videos for third-party use. Top content channels like FailArmy, PeopleAreAwesome and PetCollective
  • Trivia: UPshow’s multiple trivia integrations allowing customers to build their own trivia games or use premade options.
  • Scorestream: Stream scores for high school & local sports. 

UPshow’s digital signage platform works with a number of entertainment integrations. As consumer interests evolve, entertainment integrations provide businesses with plug-and-play solutions for maintaining engagement and relevance.

Unlike cable TV, which requires businesses to commit to packages that contain irrelevant content, UPshow’s digital signage platform tailors entertainment options to your customer demographic. Our robust offering of more than 300 entertainment channels means delivering hyper-relevant content that matters most to those inside your venue. 

With UPshow’s entertainment integrations, you manage all your channels inside our digital signage platform. Find esports alongside hyperlocal news broadcasts, professional sports and more. Most importantly, only display advertisements relevant to your business, your partners and your customers. Never worry about competitor ads running on commercial breaks—with UPshow you control the commercial breaks! 

Easily track the entertainment you display most often with UPshow. Measure how long channels run on each screen inside your business and display custom QR codes during commercial breaks to drive customers to your promotions. Use these metrics to decide which entertainment integrations work best for your business and which need to change.

Discover More About Platform Integrations

Drive Better Business Decisions with POS Integrations

Trending entertainment channels within UPshow's digital signage platform, with the main image being a soccer game.

UPshow supports almost a dozen point of sale (POS) system integrations, including a direct integration with NCR Aloha and partnership with Omnivore. Through our partnership with Omnivore, we work with Micros, POSitouch, Squirrel Systems, Brink POS, Maitre’D, Azbar, Heartland, Dinerware, Xpient, Northstar, Veloce Restaurant and InfoGenesis.

POS systems include some of the most critical components of business operations. Integrating your POS systems with your digital signage platform allows you to display those components on screens in your businesses. With key information at your fingertips, you make better business decisions faster.

Immediate access to data empowers you and your staff to address issues as soon as they arise—long before your customers notice. Feed information about speed of service, customer satisfaction, facilities and sales volumes through your POS system into UPshow’s platform so your staff can react quickly and make a material difference to your customer experience and bottom line. 

In addition to improving customer experience, UPshow’s POS integrations also support everything back of house, informing your employees of KPIs and sales goals. Display these KPIs and goals from your POS system on leaderboards. See at a glance which employees sell the most. Create leaderboards that break down sales by employee, venue or item. Leaderboards encourage a spirit of competition, driving individual and team performance, ultimately resulting in optimal productivity and sales in your venue.

Integrating your POS system with UPshow’s digital signage platform enables you to track key customer service and back of house metrics, supporting your business and successfully tracking performance against operational goals.

Create Exciting Marketing Campaigns with Content Integrations

Canva templates displayed in the UPshow Manager, with a gym promotion showing the text, "Wear a Mask, Keep 6 ft. Apart"

UPshow provides the following content integration tools:

  • Canva
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

UPshow’s digital signage platform provides businesses access to numerous content integrations. These integrations allow you to design marketing pieces, manage that content all in one place and repurpose content that lives on social media feeds.

Create beautiful marketing campaigns for your in-venue screens with ease using UPshow. 

Work With Your Own Design Team 

Upload assets designed by your creative team, implement them in our intuitive system, deploy them to your screens and measure their success. UPshow’s unique account structure allows creative and marketing teams to ensure brand standards across all designs. Your UPshow account offers unlimited storage in our cloud-based asset manager to provide frictionless collaboration with your design team files. 

Deploy branded assets within the UPshow platform while leaving room for customization. UPshow’s content integrations allow in-venue staff to promote their individual venue’s special offers while remaining on brand, reducing strain on design teams. 

Design teams often serve multiple locations. UPshow’s digital signage platform allows creative teams to maintain brand standards for multiple locations all in one place. You don’t have to worry about creating new assets for each location.

Don’t Have a Design Team?  

We know that not every business has a dedicated creative team, so we partnered with leaders in software design to bring you content integrations like Canva. Canva works inside the UPshow platform, providing access to drag-and-drop tools and hundreds of pre-designed templates. Use these tools to entice and engage your customers.

In an age when word-of-mouth drives more business than ever, leveraging social media is key to survival. UPshow provides content integrations with Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Link your UPshow account to your social feeds and use them to display customer posts. Organic customer testimonials posted on Twitter and Instagram make strong assets for your on-screen marketing campaigns. Encourage customers to share photos of their meals, their workouts and more to turn them into brand advocates.

Keep the Conversation Going with Other Platform Integrations

UPshow’s digital signage platform offers a variety of other platform integrations to communicate more effectively with your customers. Provide relevant information from the moment they walk in your door and use that information to engage them longer while they’re in your venue.

UPshow offers additional platform integrations:

  • Accuweather
  • Beerboard
  • Untapped

From weather to menu boards, UPshow’s platform integrations provide powerful moments of connection between your digital signage and your customers. 

We’re always adding more tools to the UPshow platform. Our product team continuously searches for the platform integrations that drive increased engagement in your venue.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Talk to one of our account executives about your specific needs. We offer bespoke platform integration solutions to our customers.

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