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Your Projects. Our Expertise.

Tackle your most ambitious marketing campaigns with UPshow’s digital signage solutions. Our team draws from expertise in multiple industries, offering comprehensive and unique perspectives on the best solution for your business objectives.

Creative Services to Augment In-House Teams

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Bring your marketing strategy to life with campaigns running on UPshow’s digital signage software. Our team partners with yours or manages initiatives from start to finish on your behalf, implementing your marketing campaigns in-venue. From one-off projects to long term campaigns, we implement corporate strategy or provide assistance to specific franchise locations with our digital signage solutions. We’re with you every step of the way. When your campaign is ready for deployment, your dedicated team can provide best practices for scheduling and monitoring.

When Resources Are At a Premium

Sometimes your in-house design team needs to focus on specific projects and corporate initiatives. Even when they have the bandwidth, their expertise may be in packaging or branding instead of digital signage. Allow UPshow’s team to step in and lend a hand. Our experts know how to utilize a brand’s strategic content with our digital signage solutions to best resonate with your audience. When your team needs to focus on other key business initiatives, our team steps in and helps you determine what to say, how to say it and which screens offer the most impact.

Measurement is Key 

We work with you to understand the impact of your brand, campaigns and offerings on customers in-venue. We learn what excites patrons most and drives them to action. With this information, we create exciting digital signage TV experiences to help move your customers and drive results. Throughout every campaign, you can access or we can surface performance metrics that illuminate successes and opportunities for improvement. Once your campaign concludes, UPshow’s digital signage software analytics offers detailed reporting. We’ll give you actionable insights so you know what worked, what didn’t and how to improve your future campaigns.

Discover More About Our Professional Services

Best-in-Class Strategic Services

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Each member of our team brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the table. Whether you’re implementing your first digital signage solution or you’re redesigning your entire digital signage strategy, our team supports you every step of the way with industry best practices. 

As a strategic partner, we strive to understand your business goals, current signage system and KPIs. After a comprehensive audit (evaluating your current design, data and technology) we help you build a strategic plan for your digital signage that meets your business goals. Further, we’ll help you understand industry trends and how to succeed using UPshow’s digital signage software.

Once live, we use all the rich data and corresponding research to your benefit. We analyze your customer engagement trends and provide you immediate, individualized recommendations so you get the most out of your digital signage solution. As industry trends shift, we ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition by constantly seeking out new technologies, apps and integrations to improve our digital signage software. We pass that knowledge on in software improvements as well as strategic best practices that help you continually improve your in-venue customer engagement.

Success Services that Drive Solutions

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Market trends change constantly. At UPshow, our professional services team doesn’t want any partner reacting to market trends. We want you ahead of market trends.

The professional services team constantly evaluates the digital signage software market. In tandem with the product team, they identify opportunities for innovation and improvement based on their research and customer feedback. Our digital signage solution never remains static, but grows to suit the market. 

  • As consumers’ tastes change, we add new channel options to our entertainment integrations, from news to esports to pay-per-view events.
  • As your business needs become more complex, we create bespoke applications to drive customer engagement, such as tools to automate messaging around fitness class schedules or patient wait times.
  • As technology evolves, we update our white-label game offerings with new screen-to-mobile gaming options.

Lean on our experts to create outstanding content for your screens. We’ll explain best practices in design, entertainment, scheduling and integration to ensure you’re always reaching the right audience with UPshow’s digital signage solution. 

  • Design: Our professional services team assists your designers or leads our in-house design team to create dazzling digital signage marketing campaigns.
  • Entertainment: Leverage us to create engaging, customized trivia offerings based on your specific audience interests. Our team works with you to create exciting new programs for your digital signage, from custom sports betting to fully customized patient waiting room experiences.
  • Scheduling: Let us help you build the perfect schedule for deploying your marketing campaigns for maximum impact. 
  • Integration: Unique businesses require unique solutions. UPshow’s professional services team knows when to integrate new tools into our digital signage software to solve your specific business needs. 

Our team provides you with the confidence you need to roll out a new digital signage solution.

Personalized Support Services

Help center in UPshow's platform provides support resources for the UPshow Manager, device installation, billing and more.

UPshow’s professional services team works with you through every stage of your custom rollout. While your business enjoys brand new content streamed directly in your venue without the hassle of cable, our professional services team monitors those venues constantly to ensure a smooth release. Even when there aren’t new releases, the professional services team audits software and screens to identify and resolve potential issues before they disrupt business. 

To support self-sufficiency, UPshow’s professional services team helps your team get comfortable with the digital signage software platform quickly. While in many cases, new software is difficult to use, hard to manage and fails to deliver the results wanted, much of that is a result of how the software is (or is not) rolled out to the client. With UPshow, our professional services team stays locked in to your company’s needs to keep staff engagement high and rollout fatigue low.

Our method for combating rollout fatigue includes a robust implementation service and software training for all enterprise clients. The professional services team works directly with clients to train your staff on UPshow’s digital signage software. This hands-on approach makes your employees feel valued and increases positive associations with UPshow’s software.

Because of this robust implementation and training service, customers derive value from UPshow’s digital signage software quickly. With analytics tools built into the platform, customers receive immediate feedback on their marketing campaigns. Many customers excitedly report increases in customer engagement soon after rolling out their first marketing campaign. 

Once onboarding finishes, the professional services team remains on standby to address any concerns that arise. Customers love UPshow’s quick response to any issues they experience. Our professional services team is always ready to step in and ensure your campaigns delight audiences at all your locations.

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