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Enterprise Digital Signage

Manage screens across your national organization with UPshow’s enterprise signage solutions. Use our cloud-based platform to grow a national and global footprint, while also focusing on hyper-specific content decisions. Across locations, promote key campaigns while optimizing each screen and each venue. With flexible control and a user-friendly platform, UPshow scales with your enterprise business and maximizes your digital signage ROI.

Cloud Control

Enterprise options in the UPshow platform allow users to make digital signage changes by region, city, store and more.

Access Every Screen, From Anywhere

Through the cloud-based UPshow platform, you gain full control of every screen across locations. When you partner with UPshow, we customize your platform to align to your organizational structure and hierarchy. This single dashboard acts as a control board for hundreds or thousands of screens across your company, scaling with you as your footprint grows. Our software allows you to apply changes nationally, globally, by location or even by individual screen.

Our enterprise digital signage solutions streamline your national marketing campaigns, pushing them to all of your venues with just a few clicks. Whichever venue your customers enter, UPshow helps ensure they receive a similar digital signage experience. The UPshow Manager lets you lock in approved brand and promotional assets at a corporate level, while still empowering regions and individual locations to customize their on-screen content mix.

For instance, a quick-service restaurant may offer a discount after 3 p.m., but leave it up to individual restaurants to specify the item that aligns with their region. Or, a fitness club may want to display a personal training offer at every location, but leave it up to the club to decide if they should offer a “buy one, get one free” or package deal. With UPshow, this flexible, enterprise-level control is standard—and easy to manage in our cloud-based platform. Using our platform, you can unlock stronger customer connections and build relationships on a larger scale.

UPshow also offers enterprise organizations the opportunity to control employee-facing digital signage using your back of house screens. With UPshow, you motivate employees and boost productivity with leaderboards that show progress toward goals like menu item sales or training sign-ups. These tools allow your organization to facilitate friendly competition within one location or throughout your region, rally your workforce around common causes, and encourage lagging locations to match their peers.

In addition, our software enables real-time updates—enhancing your flexibility and allowing you to respond to business changes in real time. Enterprise digital signage requires a careful balance between standardization and unique experiences, and UPshow gives you the tools to create memorable, meaningful in-venue programming.

See Our Enterprise Digital Signage Solutions In Action

Manage Content

Enterprise digital signage that says "Get Free Barbecue," showing a sandwich and a QR code taking users to download the app.

Create On-Brand Digital Signage Experiences

Screen content at all of your locations should align with your overarching visual style and content guidelines. With UPshow, it’s easy to put these guard rails in place at a corporate level while granting lower-level managers power to execute the campaigns. Your national marketing team can distribute signage templates and custom content bundles within the UPshow Manager platform, ensuring a consistent look and feel to your screens across geographies. Individual locations, if permitted, will then personalize offers or create custom promotional UPshow Spotlights to address unique conditions.

With UPshow’s enterprise digital signage platform, you gain access to a diverse content library—putting you in full control of content at all of your venues. In addition to compelling, trackable promotion Spotlights, we offer 300+ entertainment channels to transform your in-venue experiences. Enterprise customers also get access to live streams of sports and pay-per-view events like UFC.

UPshow’s hundreds of content options mean you can avoid the unpredictability of cable TV, which can result in competitors advertising in your locations. Whether you’re a fitness club organization wanting to display healthy eating tips in your gyms or a fast-casual restaurant looking for viral videos to show in dining areas, we connect you to programming that’s wholly your own, elevating your share of voice and boosting customer satisfaction.

Our enterprise digital signage solutions adapt to your organization’s wide array of content needs—and even differing needs within the same venue. From employee engagement updates to appetizing food item promotions, our enterprise signage shifts to help you meet franchise-wide business objectives. On-screen content in your gyms, restaurants, pharmacies and other venues should be as easy to manage as it is to consume. With powerful capabilities wrapped in a user-friendly, drag-and-drop platform, UPshow grants you control over content in all of your locations without adding operational complexity.

Measure Performance

Insights in the UPshow Manager show performance of enterprise digital signage, including engagement and value generated.

Unlock Analytics to Optimize Enterprise Signage

Just clicks away from your scheduling platform, UPshow provides in-depth analytics for promotions across your enterprise. You don’t have to wonder which campaign drives activities like drink sales or app downloads because the answer is right in the UPshow Manager platform. Through customizable QR codes, short links and SMS codes, UPshow lets you optimize your TV promotions in the same way you optimize every area of your business.

Comprehensive performance data across every location informs ongoing adjustments to fine-tune your enterprise digital signage solutions. For instance, after 90 days of running ads for fitness daycare from 8 a.m.–10 p.m., you may learn that QR code (and subsequent form fills and inquiries) scans occur exclusively between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. This data tells you that before 10 a.m. and after 2 p.m., you can free up your digital signage space for messages that focus on personal training, nutrition and club hours.

Paired with UPshow’s granular, cloud-based TV screen control, our data enables highly effective marketing campaigns. With UPshow, you aren’t restricted to one approach—you continually adjust templates, graphics and content playlists as you learn more. Our scheduling flexibility lets you run campaigns in venues at specific times to catch the eye of the right audiences. Whether your organization wants to focus on food and beverage promotions during happy hours, or emphasize fitness classes during your clubs’ peak hours, the UPshow Manager gives you the ability to do so.

UPshow’s enterprise digital signage also lets you quantify the results of your Spotlights. By assigning monetary values to specific user interactions, you’ll accurately measure signage-based revenue, broken down by location or across your entire enterprise. In-venue screens can generate immense value for your organization. With UPshow, you’ll learn just how much—and replicate those successes nationwide.

Our enterprise customers also receive custom support. Whenever you need help managing your signage or a content sounding board, a dedicated team is on standby to help you succeed. From live chat to after-hours and event support, UPshow is committed to making your enterprise digital signage a success.

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