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Personal Training Sales

Bulk up your Personal Training sales by $8,000/mo

Everyone knows members that utilize personal training services have higher life-time value, refer more new members, and stay members longer. So it’s only natural to use your TVs to increase these types of high-margin members you acquire.

The UPshow team authored this playbook after years of working alongside industry experts. UPshow partners have credited this playbook with increases greater than $8,000 per month in new revenue.

This Playbook = Your UPshow Personal Trainer

Introduction & The ROI Calculator

This is the perfect starting point to measure the opportunity. The ROI Calculator helps you determine how many new clients conversions in order to reach a certain profit goal.

#BasicTraining – Social Media Strategy

Screens (i.e. their phone and your TV) will be your greatest lead gen for new members. Transform your trainers into your greatest promoters.

Personal Trainer Bios – UPcode Spotlights

Your Personal Trainers should be the star of the screen to increase their awareness in the club. This starts by introducing them to your members.

Choosing Entertainment Channels

With hundreds of channels to choose from, selecting & scheduling entertainment can seem daunting. We got you covered.

Creating the Perfect Mix

The Mix determines the screen-time & sequence that is allocated to different features. We’ve got the perfect Mix that best maximize your revenue-generating opportunities.

Bonus Guides

Finish & Win!

Once you’ve completed the Playbook, email to be entered into the monthly Gift Card drawing.