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Engage Guests with Custom In-Store Entertainment

Draw your guests’ eyes to the screen with UPshow’s library of more than 500 over-the-top TV (OTT TV) channels. Deliver a unique in-store entertainment experience, tailored to the exact interests of your audience. Choose from hyperlocal sports, breaking news, viral videos and more to captivate viewers and enhance their visit in ways traditional cable can’t.

Introducing the NHL® on Home Team

An immersive hockey experience for your venue

The NHL® on Home Team is a first-of-its-kind streaming service perfect for hockey fans from coast to coast. Keep fans coming back to your venue with dynamic, team-specific content updated every day of the week, interactive entertainment like trivia and voting, team news and more.

Custom Entertainment for Any Business

Screen showing entertainment options available in UPshow's platform, organized by subscriptions and newest channels

UPshow’s extensive entertainment selection gets eyes on your screen no matter the industry. From hospitality to fitness to healthcare, every business can display the entertainment options that resonate most with their audience. Cable TV can’t compare to UPshow’s custom entertainment options. Seamlessly integrate hyper-local and hyper-relevant sports, news, gaming and more on your in-venue TVs through the UPshow platform.

National and Local Sports and News

Entertain guests with a unique OTT TV experience featuring the best in professional and college sports team videos, news and highlights. Go hyper-local and stream live scores for regional and high school games, or expand your customer base by airing popular esports tournaments and gaming channels.

Stream everything from Bloomberg to CNN to your city’s local news. Provide your customers with content relevant to them, designed to inform while creating a positive in-venue experience.

Curated Viral Videos

Our partnership with Jukin Media provides access to renowned custom entertainment. View astonishing feats and inspiring journeys with People Are Awesome. Enjoy hilarious and heartwarming clips from The Pet Collective and Poke My Heart. Laugh along to classic fail videos from Fail Army. Specifically for our fitness partners, Jukin Media offers Gym Life, featuring amazing athletes from around the world: The Strong, The Hilarious, The Amazing. And for user-generated content, This Is Happening highlights real stories and moments, captured and told by real people.

An Expansive Catalog

With a library of more than 500 channels to choose from, you’ll never run out of engaging custom entertainment to show your guests. UPshow partners with providers like Pluto TV to deliver content covering a broad range of topics, from home renovation to kids’ cartoons. See our full list of entertainment integrations.

Once you capture customer attention with relevant and engaging OTT TV channels, display your promotions. Highlight exciting new deals and limited time offers. Use custom QR codes to give your guests the ability to act on deals immediately.

Attract diners to your restaurant by offering exciting big game exclusives and pay-per-view events. Inspire members at your fitness club with clips of daring physical feats and healthy living. Soothe patient anxiety and decrease perceived wait times at health care clinics by showing calming nature footage and meditation.

Use UPshow to create your very own branded entertainment network and take total control of your in-venue experience. Choose from a variety of professionally curated, custom digital content or create your own. Unlike cable, competitor ads or inappropriate content never run on your screens because you control all your channels. Managing channels is easy, and with just a few clicks, you set the schedule to best entertain your audience.

Ready to Customize Your Entertainment Mix?

Interactive Social Media

Social digital signage promotion that says "Show Your Strength" with a collage of user-generated fitness and exercise photos.

Ninety-two percent of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other type of marketing, per Nielsen. Take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing with interactive social media displays that turn your screens into a showcase of your customers.

Invite guests to join your brand conversation by sharing in-venue experiences to their social feeds with a custom hashtag. Aggregate the collective social conversation to play on in-venue TVs alongside promotions and entertainment. This amplifies word-of-mouth advertising outside your four walls and validates the customer experience inside. 

Gyms: When members show off before and after photos of their wellness journeys, intersperse these social media posts with advertising for one-on-one training programs. Use UPshow’s customizable QR codes to make it easy for guests to download schedules or reserve a consultation.

Restaurants: Establish your reputation as the go-to spot for sports viewing. Invite guests to share photos of their gameday visit on social media to excite their followers. Show their posts in your venue to connect your brand and your customers as one in the ultimate viewing experience.

Health Clinics: Encourage patients to share testimonials and positive online reviews at the end of their appointments. Display these comments on your screens to build brand trust.

Photos and videos appear on your screens in minutes, encouraging customer sharing and thrilling guests with a unique entertainment experience that cable can’t provide. 

Worried about people sharing inappropriate posts? Enjoy peace of mind with UPshield 24/7 content moderation. Our team of human moderators ensure no unsavory content reaches the screen.

Give your guests their 15 minutes of fame and the opportunity to be part of your brand. Surprise and delight your guests and watch them return for more—with their friends.

Mobile Trivia and Games

Example of in-venue trivia screen with the question "How many numbers have been retired by the Charlotte Hornets Franchise?"

Bring more to your in-store entertainment than cable can offer with mobile-interactive trivia and games. 

No new hardware is required. UPshow’s gaming app integrations eliminate complex installation and expensive add-ons. Once you turn the app on and you customize your questions, you’re ready to go. Guests interact directly from their phones, ensuring a simple and safe contactless experience without needing communal tablets. 

Use premade trivia decks or build your own from scratch. Customize your trivia game with brand colors and relevant topics, from ’90s pop culture to health education. Trivia reduces perceived wait times in busy restaurant venues and waiting rooms while entertaining and educating your customers and patients.

No MC needed here: UPshow gives you total control. Schedule a recurring game for dedicated game nights, or integrate trivia and games into the rest of your custom entertainment experience.

Custom Content Integrations

UPshow provides a variety of integrated content tools to bring you the most custom digital content available to elevate your brand and entertainment experience.

Our integrations with Twitter, YouTube and Instagram makes it easy to repurpose your social content as well as posts made by your brand and/or customers on your in-venue screens. Create campaigns that make your customers the stars to give them unique in-venue experiences that keep them coming back.

Control your in-store entertainment even more with a variety of integrations, including: API/SDK integrations, data visualizations, video streams and HLS feeds, HTML5 web content and more. From dynamic sports betting visualizations to live streaming pay-per-view events, UPshow’s platform will do the heavy lifting to bring all of your content to life.

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