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Step Up Your Messaging Game

With less than a second to get a customer’s attention, we know how important it is to craft the perfect message the first time. Let us help you create eye-catching messages that draw customer attention and change behavior in service of your business goals.

Nationwide Chain Drives Significant Revenue with Increased App Downloads

A nation-wide restaurant and entertainment company wanted to increase weekly app downloads. Industry experts at UPshow devised a number of rigorous tests to discover key drivers for app downloads, including:

  • Message duration and frequency
  • Display locations
  • Creative design
  • Inducements

Testing these levers in isolation and together allowed the company to discover the best combination of motivators, resulting in revenue growth of $66 million across the chain.

Key Results

183% increase in app downloads

$66 million revenue growth chain-wide

“UPshow’s platform allows us to schedule complex, separate content strategies in each, unique area of our venue so we always know our customers are engaged.”

Our Work

Welcome Customers

Simplify Engagement

Communicate Efficiently

Highlight Your Values

Promote New Products

Showcase Exciting Offers

Promote Great Deals

Display Your Services

Put Customer Desires First

Perfect Your On-Screen Messages

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