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Control All the Entertainment and Marketing on Your Screens

Every audience you have is different. That’s why we created Mixes. Mixes allow you to control what content appears, which screens it shows up on and when it runs — down to the very minute. Whether your venue utilizes multiple screens or only one, Mixes ensure you deliver the most motivating content to your customers every time.

Preprogrammed Content Mixes for Every Venue

Become the producer of your business’s very own TV channel. Our platform lets you take command, creating content that aligns with your brand and helps you achieve business objectives. 

  • Choose from a variety of preprogrammed Mixes
  • Include only the channels and Promotions that match your venue’s needs and goals
  • Combine content and Promotions tailored to each unique audience, zone by zone or screen by screen
  • Build mixes by the minute, hour or day of the week — there’s no such thing as too much granularity

Ready to Start Your First Digital Signage Campaign?

Customize Your Perfect Mixes

You know what your audience wants; Mixes make sure you deliver. Create your own custom Mixes with our easy-to-use drag and drop editor. 

  • Completely customize your messaging, whether per location, city, franchise group, national location or any other variable 
  • Deliver only the most engaging, hyperlocal content
  • Choose from over 500 channels of exciting entertainment options
  • Turn Mixes on and off based on current promotions or time of year

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