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Transform Your Customer Experience

Drive Exceptional Outcomes for Your Business

  • Control what content shows up on what screen, down to the minute
  • Curate a private, in-venue TV network built exclusively for your brand
  • Transform your TVs into a unified digital experience
  • Launch measurable marketing campaigns featuring interactive engagement tools
  • Track ROI with sophisticated analytics
UPshow's unique marketing engagement platform is perfect for companies of all sizes, from corporate down to the individual location.
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UPshow is Proven to

Drive Revenues

Increase customer spend, return visits and acquisition.

Reduce Costs

Consolidate vendors and reduce dependency on cable TV and traditional signage.

Broaden Brand Reach

Highlight products, services and specials; drive reviews and customer advocacy.

Streamline Communications

Real-time, contactless and consistent messaging chain-wide and screen by screen.

Transform Your TVs into a Unified Digital Experience

  • Unlock stronger customer connections and build relationships at scale
  • Customize your platform to align to your organizational structure and hierarchy
  • Lock in approved brand and promotional assets at a corporate level, while still empowering regions and individual locations to customize their on-screen content mix
  • Maintain your brand’s identity and key messaging at every level
UPshow's cloud-based digital signage scheduling platform, with a graphic about a new PPE protocol training

“UPshow delivers exactly what we have been looking for. Our restaurants are more efficient and better places to work, leading to higher productivity and employee retention. If presented with this opportunity, I would buy it 10/10 times.”

Benjamin Wasser

How F45 Tallahassee Partners with UPshow to Increase Memberships and Client Engagement

Digital signage content mix analytics, displaying an upcoming schedule and the split of educational and training promotions.

Control Content, Screen by Screen and Minute by Minute

  • Control hundreds or thousands of screens via our simple, online interface
  • Apply changes to campaigns nationally, globally, by location or even by individual screen
  • Break each venue or location into multiple zones to broadcast entertainment alongside compelling offers
  • Never worry about competitor advertising again
  • Access over 500 channels of premium entertainment
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“UPshow has made an incredible impact on our patient engagement. Our patients enjoy how easy it is to access information from our waiting room screens.”

Launch Measurable Marketing Campaigns Featuring Interactive Engagement Tools

  • Create, schedule, deploy and analyze on-screen marketing campaigns in one easy-to-use online platform
  • Measure and understand customer engagement
  • Drive greater customer engagement by increasing access to products, services, special offers and more.
UPshow's Spotlight Manager, with cloud-based signage promotions labeled by type, including educational, reviews and training.

Take Control of Your Screens

Track ROI with Sophisticated Metrics and Analytics

  • Assign a dollar value to every campaign to understand performance
  • Analyze customer engagement at a glance
  • Access real-time screen diagnostics to quickly and efficiently address connectivity issues
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“UPshow’s platform offers incredible benefits that directly impact our business and increase revenue.”

Nathan Jesperson

White Glove Support

  • Work with a dedicated team that specializes in your industry, including strategists, marketers and designers
  • Utilize our 24/7 Help Center for quick solutions to common problems, or reach out to your support team member to receive individualized assistance
  • Reach out via phone, text or email

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