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Farmer School of Business Increases Student Engagement with On-Premise Screens


About the Client

Established in 1932, Miami University’s Farmer School of Business consistently ranks among the top 10 public schools for undergraduate business degrees in the United States. The Farmer School serves more than 4,000 students. 

The Challenge

The marketing team and Associate Vice President for Development and External Relations, Kirk Bogard, realized the school needed a better way to reach students than printed collateral posted on boards. To meet students where they were digitally, the Farmer School of Business began utilizing digital screens powered by a homebuilt program on the DOS operating system (which declined in use in 1995). 

However, this program was difficult to use, with rigid inputs and little to no flexibility. While the Farmer School was able to use digital screens to speak to students, they couldn’t provide interactive experiences, video or social engagement — all of which they wanted. 

The Results

By switching to UPshow, a plug-and-play cloud-based platform, the Farmer School of Business has been able to reach students via screens in the way that students want to be reached. Now, the school is able to share social media photos using the school’s hashtag, play relevant on-screen trivia games, run eye-catching video, survey their students via QR codes and so much more.

The Solution

Connecting with Students

For universities, forming and maintaining connections with students is critical. The Farmer School of Business was looking for a new, more modern approach to forming connections with its students when the marketing team heard of UPshow. 

They immediately recognized that UPshow was the solution they were looking for. Instead of a homebuilt program on a outdated operating system, they were able to use a flexible, online platform to create the internal communications they needed.

The team started by creating a hashtag for their social media accounts that would allow students to get their photos on the screens throughout the Farmer School. Students could take pictures, post them on their social media accounts with the school’s hashtag and then they would show up on-screen. This got students’ attention!

From there, the team launched several other initiatives, including a new channel for surveying students. Every year, the Farmer School asks seniors if they have a job lined up post-graduation and who that position is with. “This is critical data for us,” said Kirk Bogard, Associate Vice President for Development and External Relations. “We use this data to inform everything from ranking to admissions to providing feedback to employers.” 

With UPshow, the marketing team surfaces an on-screen message about the survey with a QR code that students can then scan. After scanning the QR code, students are taken directly to the survey, where they can respond on their phone — an environment that feels natural for them. 

Simplified Content Creation

UPshow’s easy-to-use platform allows anyone to create the perfect content, either in platform or in a user’s preferred creative program. “I rarely run into a piece of software that gives me so little trouble,” said Jay Murdock, Marketing Coordinator. “I can upload new content onto a screen in two minutes from anywhere.” 

Whether you’re uploading a static image or a video, UPshow’s software makes the process simple. “Our old system required powerpoint inputs. Now, even if someone gives me a video file recorded from a phone, I can take that and put it on one of our screens,” said Jay. 

Because UPshow’s system is so flexible, the team finds themselves saying no much less often.

The best part of UPshow’s system is that you never have to delete an old piece of content. Simply turn it off or create a new playlist to overwrite an old one. Your content runs when you want it, at the click of a button.