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FYZICAL Chicago Successfully Increases Patient Engagement and Education


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About the Client

FYZICAL Chicago has 8 physical therapy locations throughout the Chicagoland area, and are growing rapidly. FYZICAL helps physical therapists develop, grow and sustain their practices and connects patients to the care they need.

The Challenge

From the start, family-owned FYZICAL Chicago wanted their clinics to look and feel like a top-notch facility. They knew they wanted waiting room TV screens, but they wanted to use these televisions for more than just entertainment. As part of their plans to renovate their clinics, they wanted to ensure their televisions would keep their patients connected to their care and their larger community.

The Results

By leveraging FYZICAL Headquarters’ relationship with UPshow, FYZICAL Chicago transformed their waiting rooms, creating patient engagement hubs on their televisions. Throughout the months of September and October, through their Fight the Fall initiative, FYZICAL Chicago saw measurably more patient engagement with their fall risk assessments, as well as increased patient census.

The Solution

Engaging On-Screen Content

Your screens are only good if someone is looking at them. Ensuring your content catches your patient’s attention is step one. UPshow makes creating engaging, eye catching content simple from the start. With a Canva integration, design is simple and straightforward. If clinicians are short on time, they can use pre-made templates from either FYZICAL Headquarters or UPshow’s robust template library — this means the physical therapists can get back to helping patients much more quickly.

At FYZICAL Chicago, Tori Capraro, in charge of marketing for all 8 franchise locations, was able to create highly engaging messaging for their Fight the Fall campaign.

It’s rare to work with a company like UPshow where we get high quality creative on a low maintenance platform. Because of UPshow, branding is consistent across all of our clinics. That synchronicity is great.

Will Capraro, FYZICAL Chicago, Business Development Manager

Increased Patient Engagement

For patients 65+, the fear of falling is real. For most of us, slipping and falling means nothing more than a moment of potential embarrassment. But for older individuals, a fall might mean bone fractures, head injuries, surgeries or, in the worst cases, even death.

At FYZICAL Chicago, clinicians and staff make an active effort to educate their older patients on fall prevention at all times, but never more so than in September, which is fall prevention awareness month.

The hope was that not only would these patients take the risk assessment, but they would tell friends and family in their demographic about the assessment. Reflecting back on the campaign’s enormous success, Tori Capraro said, “We saw more patients for fall risk assessments this season than we’ve had in the last 3 years.”

A lot of clinics overlook the importance of marketing. We’ve found that utilizing UPshow gets our message out to patients — and helps us bring in new ones.

Will Capraro, FYZICAL Chicago, Business Development Manager

The Right Content for the Right Audience

Being able to tailor content to at-risk populations for September made all the difference for FYZICAL Chicago. By leveraging UPshow’s plug-and-play design and easy-to-use cloud platform, they were able to transform their waiting room screens into patient engagement hubs.

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