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How F45 Tallahassee Partners with UPshow to Increase Memberships and Client Engagement


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Company Background

F45 Training, the world’s fastest-growing functional training community, is a global fitness community specializing in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun and results-driven. UPshow currently works with over 50 F45 locations across the country.

The Challenge

F45 Tallahassee faced difficulties scaling and increasing their marketing efforts as well as driving guest engagement. They wanted to increase revenue through merchandise sales but lacked a way to engage in-gym members with product offerings. F45 Tallahassee knew they needed to make their experience exceptional to engage members and keep them coming back.

The Initiative

After exhausting multiple efforts to drive in-venue engagement, increase new membership and merchandise sales, F45 Tallahassee realized they needed an engagement solution through their TV screens. These screens could provide the relevant content members wanted while making engagement easy. Since several other F45 locations found success with UPshow, F45 Tallahassee decided to partner with UPshow as well.

The Solution

New marketing strategy to drive member engagement and increased memberships through UPshow’s engagement platform.

F45 Tallahassee kicked off their new campaign by making their guests the stars. All around the gym, TV screens ran messaging inviting guests to post pictures of their workouts on social media. Within minutes, these photos appeared on screens throughout the gym.

In addition to their social media initiative, F45 Tallahassee launched a new marketing campaign leveraging targeted content with QR codes to drive new memberships. They were able to engage with their members better than ever before — and measure the success of the campaign through UPshow’s QR code technology. Prior to UPshow, most membership and product promotions were done via traditional mediums such as paper flyers that had no tracking capabilities and also cost the studio a lot of money. Now, the studio can run detailed analytics on all their campaigns utilizing UPshow’s platform.

The Results

In less than four weeks, F45 Tallahassee saw a huge return on their investment. They grew their member photo library by 50% in the first two months (now having 200 member photos) and added 300 new members in less than six months.

F45 Tallahassee increased revenue from new merchandise sales by 120%, all driven from UPshow’s platform. They also reduced costs by eliminating traditional printed promotions. Now, everything is digital — and trackable.

“UPshow is an incredible customer engagement platform. We saw results immediately and it has helped grow our customer base tremendously. Our members absolutely love the content and all the member photos that are now on our screens. We’ve also increased merchandise sales significantly and now through the UPshow platform, everything is done through UPshow’s QR codes. We drive more revenue from memberships and products, while never having to use paper again. Our F45 Tallahassee location is growing like crazy and we contribute most of this to UPshow. We’ll be implementing UPshow into all of our new locations. UPshow should be in every F45 location by the end of the year, it is game changing for our business.”

John Doria, General Manager, F45 Tallahassee

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