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3 Creative Ways to Use Spotlights on Black Friday

No one is awake at 2AM on a Friday morning without a purpose, and on Black Friday that objective is to score the year’s can’t-miss deals. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when this day rears its head, but one thing’s for certain- most people aren’t relaxing their stuffed bellies on the couch this November 24th.

As a business this is a great opportunity to wake up those sleepy-eyed shoppers with your own deals, promos and excitement. Check out 3 creative ways to use Spotlights on Black Friday:

Share your find and get a promo:

Those who manage to snag the great offer they waited hours in line for will definitely want to brag about it. Encourage shopping bag-donned patrons visiting your business post-Black Friday freakout to share a post of their hot ticket item. They will enjoy showing off their item while their social media followers will see where the real Black Friday hangout is- your business.

Set up your Connected Commerce message for the day to be a special Black Friday promo. That way, those who share their Black Friday experience will be able to also snag another promo at your venue!

Advertise a pick-me-up:

Advertise your most warm and comforting menu item to attract sleepy-eyed shoppers. Anybody stopping by your business after shopping in the early morning hours will need a boost in energy, whether that’s your famous cup of coffee or most energetic workout class. When half-glazed eyes make their inevitable shift to the TV screens, they’ll perk up with the introduction to the perfect pick-me-up. 

Join the fiasco fun:

And while some shoppers may be completely tuckered out, we can’t help but join in the total fiasco this day causes. For those running on a pure kick of adrenaline, help encourage their excitement by getting them to post at your business having a great time. Hey, the exhaustion may cause some pretty hilarious moments!

Ready to get into the Black Friday mood? Check out this Spotlight how-to video to get started!