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5 underutilized marketing opportunities in your venue

They say that the thing you need the most is always the most unexpected and right in front of you. This rings true for your business. When considering different ways to promote your business, people tend to want to go big…and end up spending too much time and/or money for gimmicks, rather than long-standing customer relationship management opportunities. We’ve discovered the secret to success. And the secret is, there’s no secret. You need to look no further than your own venue. Your most valuable marketing opportunities already exist in your space. Here are 5 important ones:

Creative Signage:

Does your restaurant or bar have eclectic posters or hilarious sayings glowing in neon colors? Or how about inspiring quotes posted on the gym wall?

Crossfit Solace in New York City not only has funny inspirational quips drawn on its chalkboard outside but it also has quotes on the indoor walls. These quotes are gaining popularity on social media, causing people to stop on the street to check Solace out but also connect online.

These shouldn’t be seen as just cool aspects of the venue, they should be utilized in creating marketing content for your business. Bring attention to unique aspects such as cool indoor signage in your venue to inspire customers to take pictures and post online.      

Menu Design:

Where is one place in your restaurant virtually every single customer looks at for at least 5 minutes? The menu. So take advantage of the customer’s attention by making your menu a talking point for more than just a discussion of what can be ordered on the side.

At Benchmark, a bar in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, the menu features pop culture quotes and music lyrics from Queen B herself.

Customers are now taking more than just a glance at the menu and not only reading more food and drink choices, an opportunity for more potential purchases, but also feeling entertained and hopefully want to share this fun feature with their friends online.


Listing your venue’s location on Google maps and Yelp is one thing, making your venue location top-of-mind to the consumer in an unique way is another!

Murphy’s Bleachers in Chicago has a prime location right next to Wrigley Field. With the bustle of all different types of bars and restaurants in the area, Murphy’s makes its presence known by posting content about its proximity to the field and eye-catching signage.   

If you think about your venue’s location and how it can become more recognizable to the consumer, then you just utilized your location as free marketing tool. Whether your venue is located on the beach, is historical, or on a street with heavy foot traffic, point it out to your consumers so that your business is top-of-mind. What is a customer more likely to pick- a place they have to google the address for or the one that their friend just reminded them on social is easily around the corner from the bus stop?

Employee Culture:

Your employees are an extension of your brand. As the manager of the gym, are you constantly hearing about a personal trainer that goes above and beyond to encourage members? Is there a waitress that knows how to make a customer laugh all while delivering excellent service? Use these employee superstars to incentive more feet in the door. Highlight employee achievements on your business’s own social media as well as encourage customers to share their great experiences on their social media.

At Hammered Lamb in Orlando, Florida, employees do a great job interacting with the UPshow screen to promote deals, food specials and fun times. Coming from the employee’s personal account, these posts seems more inviting and organic than if the brand itself was constantly promoting itself on social media. 


Back in the day the TVs in your venue blasted sporting events and caught the gaze of distracted customers waiting for food at family dinner.

Don’t be mediocre, use your television to interact with your customer. Having the UPshow screen encourages customers to grab their phone and post a picture up on the screen. This entertainment keeps customers in venue longer and also gives your venue social media content generated by the consumer.

You don’t have to look far and wide or spend big money to promote your business and turn customers into promoters- just look inside!