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Employee Engagement Systems: Surveys, Incentive Programs, and More

A highly engaged and motivated workforce is an absolute game-changer in almost any industry. Morale rises, work efforts increase, and customers leave businesses more satisfied with their experience. This all translates into increased revenue and a happy business owner. 

There are so many ways to increase employee engagement within your business, but some solutions are faster, cheaper and easier than others. Here’s what you need to know about investing in an employee engagement system. 

What is employee engagement? 

Employee engagement is a strategic approach to management and workplace learning that strives to promote employee involvement and satisfaction. When done right, employee engagement results in conditions that allow all members of an organization to excel. 

From an employee’s perspective, Forbes defines employee engagement as: “the emotional commitment an employee has to an organization and its goals.” 

Engagement can be a collaborative effort between employees and management, where both sides work together to create an environment that promotes a positive workplace culture that encourages ambition and effort.  

Why is employee engagement important?

Employee engagement has many positive effects on both employees and their workplace. These benefits may include:

  • Increased productivity and performance: Engaged employees are more willing to put their best efforts forward to accomplish their goals. 
  • Improved employee retention: An employee who is positively engaged with their work tends to find more satisfaction in their work, creating feelings of loyalty and appreciation toward their employers.  
  • Improved employee morale: Engaged employees tend to find more satisfaction in their jobs and have higher opinions of management, and so tend to have higher morale than those who are disengaged. 
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Employees who are positively engaged with a business tend to be friendlier and seek to boost the image of the business with customers, leading to more positive customer interactions and higher customer satisfaction. 

What does employee engagement look like in the workplace?

A workplace that openly fosters employee engagement often puts employees at the center of their management approach. They may prioritize open communication that addresses pain points in employee experiences, be committed to recognizing hard work and success and prioritize employee development that comes in the form of training or other learning initiatives.

Contrary to popular belief, employee engagement can look like a whole lot more than just organization-wide meetings and long-winded emails. In fact, at UPshow, we believe that there are far more exciting and engaging ways to make your employees involved in their work. 

How digital signage can increase employee engagement 

Create opportunities for employees to share feedback 

A proven strategy for facilitating employee engagement is to create opportunities for employees to provide feedback. This strategy, however, only works when the feedback is actually internalized and implemented. 

UPshow Connect makes it easy to do this in your business. You can create and share surveys through the use of QR scanning on your existing BOH displays. Use UPshow to link the QR code to a survey you have created and allow the employees to provide feedback right from their phones. That’s right, no need to dig through email inboxes for an old link!

Create surveys that are focused or broad in scope depending on the information you need. Remember, though, that the most important part of this process boils down to implementation. 

You can begin to address the concerns and questions your employees most frequently have by maintaining open communication. While meetings and emails serve their own purpose, making information accessible and consistent throughout your establishment ensures that your employees feel supported. 

Create screens with updated SOPs and reminders about workplace policies so that your employees are always in the loop, even when they are away from their desks or out of your staff training. This is the perfect way to keep communication open between staff and management. UPshow’s intuitive content creation platform is powered by Canva so that you can keep screens and surveys current with little to no effort. 

Turn work into a game 

Sometimes a little competition is all employees need to bring out their best efforts and stay fully engaged with their work. There are two popular approaches to use here, team competition and individual competition. 

Common goal competitions are designed to get the entire team working together to reach a common objective. This objective can take different forms depending on the type of business you run and can include anything from sales to customer service metrics.

Common goals can help businesses build a culture of teamwork, a motivator that UPshow SHIFT capitalizes on so you can see results from your staff.  UPshow SHIFT integrates with point of sale (POS) systems to help you track and display sales and inventory. It makes it easy to keep teams accountable to one another and boosts revenue-driving behavior. If you want to up the ante, try throwing in a prize for the winning team! 

Something as simple as a pizza party, for instance, can go a long way. After all, who doesn’t love a free lunch? 

Driving competition with sales isn’t the only way you can use your digital screens to create interactive content that motivates employee engagement. You can even use UPshow to create quizzes and trivia to test your employee’s knowledge! 

This makes competition more individualized, making it possible for employees in specific roles to compete against one another. These friendly challenges can help your employees learn on the job while having some fun. 

Recognize hard work

Research conducted through Gallup reveals that employee recognition can have serious impacts on employees. It can make them feel more socially connected to their workplace and colleagues, reduce feelings of burn out and can even affect their outlook on life! 

Employee recognition can include anything from congratulatory communication to monetary bonuses. How you choose to recognize employees may vary, but what is most important is that your employees feel their hard work and effort are appreciated and noticed. UPshow makes doing this as easy as clicking a button.

You can recognize your staff members throughout your organization with digital displays. Creating custom display content that features photos, highlights or customer testimonials for your star staff members is easier than ever with UPshow’s Canva integration. With hundreds of templates and royalty-free images to choose from, you can easily change and update your displays as often as you want, each customized with personal information. You can even incorporate custom branding and logos.  

Other options for celebratory displays include things like recognizing milestones, birthdays or work anniversaries! The possibilities are endless. 

UPshow makes employee engagement easy 

UPshow SHIFT makes it easy to cultivate a work environment that prioritizes employee engagement. With POS integration, content scheduling, and intuitive content creation tools, your house screens will become an integral part of your workplace culture.

What does it take to get UPshow running? A simple screen that can be connected to the internet is all you need to hit the ground running. Really, it’s that simple!  Ready to get your employees excited about the work they do? Try a free demo to see how UPshow can help you revamp your employee engagement strategy.