Four Winds Interactive vs. UPshow: Which Digital Signage Should You Choose?

December 9, 2022

If you’re looking for your next digital signage solution to help improve employee engagement, you may have come down to choosing between Four Winds Interactive and UPshow. 

While you’re weighing options, you’ll realize just how much you can do with digital signage. From eye-catching displays to interactive games and video walls, digital signage has evolved into an immersive part of the consumer experience. 

With that being said, not all digital signage solutions are the same. We’ll cut to the chase and break down some of the pros and cons between 4 Winds Interactive and UPshow for you.

UPshow vs. 4 Winds Interactive: which is right for you?

Four Winds Interactive LLC's standard package is too basic

When it comes to picking a digital signage solution, your standard package should still offer you the best possible option to make your screens stand out. 

The standard Four Winds digital signage  package comes equipped with Four Winds Interactive Cloud and Content Player. These features are great, but there’s not a lot there. 

UPshow’s standard package, on the other hand, comes with some of the following features: 

  • UPshow Connect 
  • 500+ channels of entertainment 
  • Content design and management
  • In-platform Canva integration
  • Analytics tools 
  • Interactive elements like trivia and QR codes

Most businesses create digital displays to see a return on investment in the form of engagement, promotion and customer interaction. There’s only one way to see all of that come your way, and it’s by investing in a digital signage solution that captures attention from every angle. 

While UPshow has features you can upgrade to, these are standard offerings that come with UPshow’s service. 

UPshow SHIFT provides more for employee engagement

Four Winds Interactive LLC is a digital signage solution geared toward employee productivity. As such, it’s suited for addressing workplace features like omni-channel communication and digital bulletin boards. However, while FWI is perfectly fine for corporate setups, their solutions are not meant for small businesses, such as restaurants and gyms.

UPshow SHIFT is our employee engagement platform. It’s completely compatible with our customer-facing technology and uses many of the same tools. You’ll improve internal communication by providing updates to employees on displays, and you can even create birthday messages and new employee introductions.

What makes SHIFT unique is that it’s the only employee engagement platform that integrates with third party systems like point-of-sale (POS) and learning management systems (LMS). What does this mean? SHIFT allows you to incorporate training and sales leaderboards on your back-of-house TVs for a friendly, competitive environment. 

UPshow SHIFT is here to improve employee communication, training completion and productivity. Our meaningful solution to employee engagement is interactive and entertaining for staff. If you’re a business looking for employee engagement, you should use a solution that does that and more. 

UPshow offers analytics features

Four Winds Interactive offers digital signage, but they offer nothing in the way of analytics. It’s going to be difficult to determine how effective your digital signage is if you have no quantitative data to support your decisions. UPshow offers robust insights and analytics on our platform in a simple way to inform your decisions. 

UPshow Premium Audio offers the right atmosphere

The real power of digital displays shines through in their ability to create immersive customer experiences. That being said, finding a digital signage solution that makes creating those experiences easy should be a priority. 

UPshow Premium Audio makes it easy for you to couple your digital and audio entertainment and promotion to create the perfect atmosphere for your business. 

When you sign up for UPshow Premium Audio, creating the perfect atmosphere for your customers is as easy as picking a station. And, with 50+ fully licensed stations to choose from, the possibilities are endless.  It’s easy to control what’s playing in each of your venues with location-level listening selections and a wide variety of tracks that range from instrumentals to pop. 

In comparison, Four Winds Interactive LLC does not support audio features.  

Four Winds digital signage campaign management is not as robust as UPshow's

UPshow Connect comes with our standard package, but the features are anything but baseline. 

Creating a layered digital campaign that reaches your market wherever they are is easy with integrated QR code features. It makes it simple for you to leverage the power of interactive displays with easy-to-use features. 

Moving promotions and digital content to the palm of your patrons’ hands has never been easier. QR codes have become increasingly popular across businesses and have made headway as invaluable contactless tools and an engaging way to move users to action. 

Whether you use QR codes for digital menus, interactive scannable promotions, or direct links for log-in portals, they can make finding valuable information faster for patrons, making CTA’s that much more effective. Plus, UPshow even has tools that make it easy to create the mobile landing pages your QR codes connect patrons to. 

Canva integration makes creating compelling content as simple as dragging and dropping design features, whether it’s your own in-house branding content or a premade template. Plus, the software is so simple to use that anyone can customize premade material for their own unique purposes. 

Not sure that you want to exclusively lean on digital promotion strategies? No problem! UPshow has a solution for that, too. SmartPaper is a standard feature of UPshow connect that makes it easy for you to create promotional material across marketing channels. From printable table tents to posters, you can easily convert your digital promotion strategies into traditional print media. 

4 Winds Interactive is geared toward corporate offices and hospitality, so they don’t offer a lot when it comes to marketing and promotion. Their solutions are meant more for communicating with employees, not with customers.

The Four Winds Interactive interface is more complex and tougher to set up with your own TVs

While it may seem complicated to create an all-encompassing, interactive experience for your business, the right tools can make it easy. 

Picking a solution that makes it easy for you to leverage the capabilities of multiple promotional strategies all from one software is the best way to ensure that you are capitalizing on the potential of digital displays. If this is the level of return and engagement you are looking for, then UPshow is the right solution for you. 

Four Winds Interactive allows you to create digital displays, but leveraging advanced features and integrating audio requires additional set-up and potentially more in terms of upgraded packages. Their program also involves a steep learning curve during the initial set-up that can be tricky to operate. 

UPshow’s standard package makes most of these features available instantly, and all that’s required to get started is a screen. If your screen has wireless capabilities, you won’t even need a hardwired connection! 

Our dedicated team is available to help you with all of your digital display needs. And, if you’re looking for someone to take the trouble of managing your displays off your hands, UPshow even offers managed services.

Need more proof? Try out a demo of UPshow today!

If you’re ready to make the most of what digital displays have to offer, it only makes sense to use UPshow. 

UPshow’s advanced features, which come with any standard package, ensure that your screens are doing the most they can for your business. Effortless audio and QR integration ensure that your digital displays are a seamless part of your patrons' visiting experience so that you can move visitors to action no matter where their eyes roam. 

Not sure where to start? Try a free demo of UPshow’s trusted services today, you won’t be disappointed. 

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