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How to Incorporate 2018 Marketing Trends with Your Digital Signage

It’s officially 2018 and if you’re anything like us during the turn of the new year you’re aggressively scrolling through your newsfeed to find the magic solution on improving these next 365 days. You can read countless lists telling you what’s in and what’s out since the clock struck midnight on December 31st, 2017 but the reality is any type of redirection or change takes time and work, including your marketing plan.


To make your hunt easier we’ve decided to deliver you the Hannah Montana (or in other words, the best of both worlds, if you’re older than 25…) of marketing your business. Introducing the best practices of social media that will work on your digital signage in 2018:

Organic Reach

More than ever, it’s predicted that 2018 is about going back to basics. And that means relying on your business’s organic reach. Posting directly to your business’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages will surely get you some numbers in the reach department (if you’re willing to spend the bucks); however, adding UPshow to grow your customer’s social media usage amplifies your organic reach through your best promoters – your customers.

The UPshow screen is built to incentivize and excite your patrons to take a selfie, squad shot or foodie pic in venue and see it displayed for all to see on the venue’s TV screens. While your customer receives their joy moment, their social media post about your business is making its way around the social media network wider and faster than one business post about happy hour.


Social media users are begging for more and more video content in 2018. Whatever screen it’s on, consumers expect dynamic entertaining video content to be running wherever they look. Despite the want for video on the rise, the journey to creating that perfect viral video is the same. Instead of racking your brain, going overboard and aggressively trying to push your video to the most viewed list, we’ve found a strategic way to make your videos matter for the right eyeballs.

The UPshow screen displays your business’s chosen marketing material, including video. Whether you have a YouTube video or file, you can upload the video to your TV and have your consumers see the content in-venue. This prevents your business from burning money shooting your video into the dark abyss of social media, hoping the right people are seeing it and actually delivers your creative promotional content to your everyday consumer.


The people have spoken and it’s clear 2017 saw enough of big name flubs and #ad-ing on social media. Social media users want authenticity from those with wisdom in appealing industries. Time to call in the micro-influencers. These influential social media profiles bring the chic-ness we expect from big name celebs without the cold paid promotion disclosures. The authenticity of micro-influencers posting purely out of love for a specific business is cultivating a larger and larger following.

giphy (2).gif

Being an office full of millennials, we completely understand how exhausting trolling social media for specific profiles can be! As an UPshow partner, your business would not only be able to display any micro influencer posts on in-venue TV screens but also have access to a full online and mobile Control Panel riddled with tools that let you reach out to those influential accounts.

Ready to increase your business’s social media presence while also putting your TVs to good marketing use? Click here for your own custom demo.