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How to Integrate UPshow With Your Restaurant Menu Display Screen

As the world transitions back to the normal state of business, people are eager to visit local restaurants, bars, and clubs.

As in-person social experiences kick start again, many dining establishments continue to enhance the dining experience by integrating interactive, digital menus. 

A restaurant menu display screen is often only as good as its ease of use (though how well it captures and keeps attention comes in a close second), making it important for you as a restaurateur to use the right kind of platform or service for your needs.

Restaurant menu display screens – how do they work?

A nicely integrated digital display screen can inform diners about more than the daily specials or the soup du jour.

Love videos with cute, funny cats in them? How about action-adventure kayaking shots? Or is nightly world news more your speed? A fun, interactive platform like UPshow provides access to this kind of entertainment and more.

Installing screens like this alongside your digital menu display is a great way to keep eyes on your screens. This creates opportunities to introduce daily deals, future promotions and ultimately drive more revenue. 

Top ways to use your restaurant menu display screen

Using an industry-standard digital app

Neighborhood eateries and fine dining restaurants alike often use tablets or TV screens to run menu displays in HD format. 

The problem is, menus can change on any given day, and there’s nothing more frustrating on the customer end than learning that the amazing-looking lobster bisque they viewed is no longer available.

Digital menu apps allow diner owners to manage their interactive feeds via an easy-access interface, providing easy-to-maintain updates to keep your menu refreshed and up-to-date.

While these apps limit the scope of employee and customer choices, they don’t provide anything outside the basic functionality of essentially updating your menu board.

UPshow’s integrated engagement platform

Those who want to offer their customers a more sophisticated dining experience can use UPshow to run and optimize their menu board content. 

UPshow provides the best in quality entertainment and shows. It also offers a platform that assists in customizing your programming from one to numerous locations.

How does UPshow’s platform work?

UPshow’s device is plug-and-play (check out the How It Works section of our homepage). 

Once set up, it runs all of your restaurant’s content, from entertainment to promotional messaging. With UPshow, taking full control of your screens is easy, enabling you to target your on-screen content to your business’s unique audience.

In regards to what you want to offer your clientele, the possibilities are endless. With over 500 entertainment channels and easy to use campaign creation tools, your restaurant has what it needs at its fingertips. With trackable QR codes, diners can engage with your restaurant menu display screens throughout your venue.

Fidgety kids and crotchety grandparents will all be able to find something they can enjoy as they wait for food. A more pleasant dining experience with even the most overbearing relative or friend awaits!

Employees can get a kick out of it too

UPshow’s easy-to-use online platform comes with robust analytics to help restaurant owners. Learn all about your diners’ in-venue behaviors and better understand what drove those behaviors. 

The analytics suite is as localized and laser-focused as you need it to be. Whether you need to understand the behaviors of customers at a single location, an entire franchise chain or an entire corporation, UPshow’s suite helps restaurants cultivate revenue-driving behaviors in diners.

10 things you can do with restaurant menu display screens

Now that everyone is up to speed on the technology aspect of what a premium digital menu delivers, the question now becomes, what next?

Well it turns out the options for diners using a restaurant display screen are pretty extensive.

Check out restaurants specials and discounts

Before a server even comes to the table, customers can look over the restaurant’s offerings and see if any bargain menu items catch their eye. Restaurants are always adding new things to their roster, so even frequent customers may discover new, unexpected deals.

Enjoy sports entertainment and news

Sports enthusiasts can get their game on when they have access to a premium restaurant menu display screen—catching up on the latest and greatest in basketball, football, volleyball, or rugby via a multimedia setup can please any fan of any league.

QR codes drive generate engagement

Customers can use a QR code to aid them in picking meals or paying a bill, simply by using their cellphones. The benefit of this cannot be understated, as paying at the end of the meal can frequently turn a pleasant evening into a nightmare. QR codes provide a simple way to remove any potential stress around payment by allowing customers to proceed at their own pace. 

Use their own mobile devices.

Along with the ability to scan a QR code, restaurant-goers can be given the option to use their mobile phones to access multimedia content. Clients are used to using their cell phones and devices — utilizing them as they eat is one way to make their dining experience even better.

Whet appetites via cooking shows and slides

No restaurant menu display screen would be complete without access to a cooking show or yummy-looking food slides. Foodies may especially appreciate this aspect, as might those looking for ideas to try out later in the week.

Play engaging and interactive games

Families with hyperactive young children love any tool they can utilize to keep the little ones focused before their meals come out. These games are often new spins on old favorites that are kid-friendly and easy to play.

Provide family-oriented entertainment

UPshow’s family-friendly entertainment fosters a more engaging, informative and active environment. Many of the programs found on a typical restaurant menu display screen are akin to what you might see on TV or popular online shows.

Watch health and educational videos  

Learning becomes fun during a night out on the town when consumers can watch amusing health or instructional style shows. These aren’t stuffy how-tos or classroom-style advertisements either. Customers frequently find the information on these videos intriguing enough to hold their attention even as they eat.

Local event activity awareness

Is your business adding live entertainment? Is a concert by a well-known artist coming to town? UPshow can help you to advertise local events easily, providing your customers with a great source of community info. 

Targeted advertising campaigns

Nothing is more annoying than trying to enjoy a night on the town and being bombarded with unrelated ads. While UPshow does provide consumers with menu options, deals, and local events, the entertainment content is free of marketing spots that fail to engage the audience.

How restaurant menu display screens improve the customer experience

Customers crave in-person experiences with family and friends, especially after the limitations of pandemic lockdowns. 

As the world opens up again, people are seeking new ventures and leisure activities to suit their temperament and budgets. This means that when looking for a place to eat, many seek out innovative ways to enjoy themselves — they’re on the lookout for something different. 

Digital signage captures consumer interest

Being creative can be a great way for a business to build a lasting marketplace presence and gain consumer trust. 

Engaging customers with technology in innovative and creative ways is becoming increasingly important for modern businesses. 

At UPshow, we understand how to do just this. We provide business owners with over 300 channels that run the gambit of traditional and multimedia-related entertainment. 

Influencers and fitness trainers unite

In the modern era, content is king. 

UPshow knows this and services clientele via the use of popular content that enhances customer experiences. Whether it’s by providing content from a few well-known face or a popular social media influencer, UPshow helps you to provide content with value. 

Return consumer base 

By promoting new and familiar content, diners can locate the kind of entertainment that speaks to them directly. 

It’s a win-win! Restaurant owners keep their clientele entertained, which can turn them into repeat customers.

A consistent customer base translates to word-of-mouth advertising, generating more significant revenue streams and higher profit margins.

How UPshow can integrate with your restaurant’s existing menu boards

UPshow is not your typical signage company by a long shot. 

Our patented platform promises to assist restaurants and even fitness and health businesses with the quality brand building that creates repeat customers. 

Loyal customers are not created overnight, and they are built through reliably pleasant consumer interaction. From the second a couple, family, or group sits down to eat to the moment they leave, their culinary adventure must be second to none.

UPshow can aid by helping a business integrate a traditional consumer interface with the best restaurant menu display screen on the market. Clients with an existing menu board needn’t worry – UPshow can work with legacy apps or platforms to ensure a seamless transition.

A new way to experience content

UPshow also takes signage into the new age. 

Old signage can quickly become stagnant. Today’s signage is interactive, immersing the customer in the restaurant’s ambiance comfortably and appealingly. Via the use of streaming entertainment and social media, clients can use UPshow to cultivate an authentic, one-of-a-kind brand of content that is uniquely their own.

A fun and eye-catching signage menu display could even attract foot traffic by grabbing the attention of people walking by. If you are creative in your presentation, you may lure new customers with discounts and first-time offers.

The modern era demands innovative ways to compel customers into dining rooms. UPshow has helped with one aspect of that challenge. The rest is limited only by your imagination.