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Mood Media vs. UPshow: Which Offers Better Digital Signage and Music for Businesses?

If you’re looking to tap into the potential that digital signage offers businesses, you’ve probably come across Mood Media and UPshow

Depending on what your goals are, digital signage paired with sound can help you keep customers engaged, run compelling marketing campaigns and support employee engagement.   

Choosing the right solution can help you create an immersive environment that suits your organizational goals. You can target employees and customers alike to ensure that everyone is engaged and informed.  

Digital signage makes it easy to create your own marketing content, and some software solutions offer a range of templates to choose from. Because digital signage has so much potential, you want to be sure that you choose the right solution for you. 

We’ll walk you through the key differences between UPshow and Mood Media.

Mood Media

Mood Media is an international in-store provider of music, hold music, on-hold messaging and integrated audio/video—among other things. The company began operations in 2004 and is based in Austin, Texas. While Mood Media is primarily a music streaming company, they also offer digital signage solutions

Differences between Mood Media and UPshow

Campaign features 

UPshow Connect is included in all our packages and lets you create, run and monitor multi-touchpoint marketing campaigns. All your marketing initiatives are trackable, offering analytics about campaign performance. 

UPshow Connect’s campaign features are further emphasized with the Fixed Panel feature, SmartPaper integration and QR code technology.

Fixed Panel keeps crucial campaigns always on screen alongside secondary marketing messages. This boosts the visibility of critical marketing initiatives without interrupting in-venue entertainment. 

Looking for options that aren’t just digital? UPshow easily marries print and digital campaigns. 

Smart Paper enables you to improve campaign reach.  It’s a feature of UPshow Connect and allows you to track online and offline campaigns holistically. 

QR codes can help engage customers, but keeping up with using the same ones is the only way to gain effective analytic insight. UPshow helps ensure that the right QR codes go where they need to digitally and in print. 

Mood Media doesn’t offer a QR code generator, nor the ability to run campaigns. 

Back-of-house (BOH) solutions 

SHIFT is a cutting-edge employee engagement platform powered by UPshow’s digital signage technology. You use it to share targeted displays that boost employee performance through television screens, tablets and monitors.

SHIFT can be integrated with any third-party software you already use, such as your learning management (LMS) and point of sale (POS) systems. While Mood Media also has a BOH solution, it doesn’t allow for LMS and POS integrations or leaderboards. 

Integrating your digital signage with other software solutions is a powerful method for streamlining employee communications and spotlighting employees who are performing well. It also helps you get more out of your existing third-party software by leveraging data to keep your employees energized and your sales robust. 

You can use analytics to create engaging digital content, such as leaderboards, to inspire teamwork, engagement and maybe even some friendly competition. 

Live streaming entertainment 

UPshow has over 500 entertainment channels, including hyperlocal sports, live events, viral videos, breaking news and interactive content. With all of the entertainment you have access to, every screen in your venue can offer a unique experience. 

You can even attract esports or UFC fans by live streaming popular events. All you need to get started is an up-to-date AV setup and high-speed internet. 

Mood Media doesn’t offer any live streaming options. 

Interactive experiences 

Interactivity creates immersive customer experiences and capitalizes on the uniqueness of digital signage. 

From fun and exciting trivia competitions to video walls, digital signage offers unique customer experiences.

UPshow makes it easy to curate these interactive experiences, though Mood Media does not offer the same interactive features. 

Actionable analytics 

Mood Media doesn’t offer analytics as part of its digital signage software.

This can make it tricky to determine your ROI and campaign efficacy.

Understanding specific aspects of campaign engagement allow you to optimize future campaigns. That’s why UPshow offers in-depth platform analytics.

Organization permissions 

Organization permissions allow users to view and edit different types of information on your digital signage software. Typically, only administrators can change users’ permissions. 

By enabling organization permissions, you gain control of who gets access to your content, which offers a layer of security to your marketing efforts. This is not a capability provided by Mood Media.  

Other benefits of UPshow 


While Mood Media offers music for businesses, UPshow offers a premium audio solution so you can strike the right chord in your business and perfectly complement your on-screen content.

Premium audio enables you to select from expertly curated stations to set just the right vibe. You get access to our extensive music library of fully-licensed, commercial-free stations from Classical to Pop Hits to Today’s Country and more.

Your music plays seamlessly with the content on your TV screens to create a holistic visual and audio experience for customers, patients and employees.

Robust customization options 

UPshow boasts a wide array of options for customization. 

You can change displays on a screen-by-screen basis, create immersive campaigns and live stream a range of entertainment. 

So much content creation may seem overwhelming, but UPshow’s Canva integration makes it easy to create your own content in-house. 

Social media integration 

UPshow integrates with Twitter and Instagram so that your patrons can get in on the display fun. From sharing testimonials to participating in polls and social media challenges, users can make the most out of their digital experience. 

Who knows? They might even become brand ambassadors for your business on Instagram and Twitter! 

Comprehensive support 

Getting into the swing of using new technology can involve a learning curve, which is why it’s important to pick a solution with plenty of support. Our client strategists help you create content and engagement strategies that deliver results

We’ll help you figure out how to create enticing on-screen promotions that’ll make the most of your new signage. We also offer strategic guidance on the best ways to maximize campaign success and how to analyze results for even better campaigns in the future. 

Curate exceptional customer and employee experiences with UPshow 

Not sure if UPshow is the right choice for you? Take a look at some of the work we’ve done for our industry-leading customers

As the leading on-premise marketing cloud for screens, we want to help you achieve your business objectives by leveraging the power of your business’s TVs.