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Spotlight: BarCode NJ

BarCode with no scanning necessary, the restaurant, lounge and innovated sports bar calls on all guests to get their #GameOn with a Latin twist. Captured moments of #BarCodeLife are displayed to all party patrons with BarCode’s state of the art LED HD TVs around the venue, as well as the state of the art 20ft by 8ft indoor LED screen that gives everyone the best seat in the house. 

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at BarCode NJ- highlighting customer posts that aren’t just customer pictures, they’re customer promotions.

UPshow Empowerment:

BarCode practices best UPshow and CGC form by posting to the screens itself and empowering guests to follow suit and post themselves. The caption shows guests following BarCode’s Instagram that the restaurant is watching for great content and the fame aspect is just too enticing not to post!


There’s a joy moment for all guests who get to see their posts on Barcode’s state of the art LED screens but the real joy moment for Barcode comes in with the eyeballs catching these posts on social media. When the #BarCodeLife hashtag is used by an influencer, the post instantly becomes promotional material for the business. Like the influencer above, thousands of additional people are seeing what the BarCode life is through the influencer’s posts. BarCode may be located in New Jersey, but the good time guests have is seen around the world.

BarCode Promo:

While BarCode’s customers are busy getting famous on the UPshow screen, their social media content is a revolving door of likes, loves and comments from thousands of different followers. Even BarCode’s customer’s comments authentically promote the restaurant and its special offers. Thanks to @dixienormousx’s post, her followers are aware of BarCode’s Taco Tuesday promotion. And with general #foodie quality snaps, @chchoitoi shows her followers her envious meal available only at BarCode.

Connected Commerce:

UPshow’s Connected Commerce feature is useful for driving direct ROI through customized social media promotion. Most partners choose to offer a promotion or discounted menu item; however, BarCode decided to take its Connected Commerce to the next level by offering a cabana party contest! Who wouldn’t want to post about the great time they were having at the bar and then receive a cabana party in return?! And BarCode gets the repeat customer and their friends! That’s what we call a win-win-win.