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Spotlight: Crossfit Solace

Partner Name: CrossFit Solace
Location: New York, New York

CrossFit Solace is one of America’s leading CrossFit gyms located in the heart of Manhattan. This professional-level athletic studio combines all types of CrossFit, Yoga, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Gymnastic based classes. Many of the trainers are well-known fitness celebrities who will push you to your limits and show you how to prioritize your health!

UPshow is a perfect tool for our marketing goals. Our celebrity trainers post a lot and members post a lot too! We are in a prime location in Manhattan and have UPshow on 3 TV’s that face outside for all the passerby’s to see.

Caroline McDavid-Seidner, Director of Retail & Marketing

Caroline and the team @ Crossfit Solace make the most of the UPshow platform by not only using it to build community and showcase members, but as an advertising tool to grab the attention of the constant foot traffic their front windows see. We love it!

After a few of my colleagues attended a class at CrossFit Solace, they confirmed that it was the hardest yet most rewarding workout they have ever experienced!

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