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Spotlight: D-BAT

Since 1998, D-BAT has been the premier baseball and softball training facility in the country. Years later, their prestigious academies have spread nationwide with the mission of innovating the way players and parents connect with coaches and facilities.

There is no better way to showcase the progress and successes of players than by sharing them with UPshow, and D-BAT agrees. Let’s take a look at how D-BAT masters the “UPshow Effect”:

A Platform for Parents

One of D-BAT’s goals is to involve parents more in the training process. With UPshow, parents are encouraged to be their child’s biggest fans by sharing special moments to the screen – making everyone involved feel good. These moments also help build customer loyalty for D-BAT, ensuring rookies keeping training from their first D-BAT tee to their first championship.

All-Star Equipment

What is a great way to double-down on the deals you market via spotlights? By sharing them on social media, too! While announcing promotions and new products, D-BAT captures the attention of customers who miss the spotlight rotation by adding photos to the mix on social as well. Those extra pictures of brand new bats might be just the thing to get a purchase.

Celebrating Champions

D-BAT is responsible for shaping a lot of talented young baseball and softball players, so it makes sense that they would get shoutout when those players win big. With a troop of elite athletes on their UPshow screen, visiting prospects and newer customers will inspired to invest in training knowing the promising outcome.