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Spotlight: Fatpour

The bi-level Chicago brewpub, Fatpour, offers generous 22 oz pours, a wide-ranging pub menu and a reason to look up at the TV screens and smile. The longstanding UPshow partner has a TV screen that has grown along with our platform- from stellar customer posts, creative digital signage marketing to a new hyperlocal way to enjoy guests’ favorite sports teams. 

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at Fatpour- highlighting customer posts that aren’t just pictures, they’re customer promotions:

Company Connection:

Fatpour guests enjoying other guests’ social media pictures is part of the joy moment the UPshow platform brings. And the focus of these customer posts for Fatpour’s business is the impressions gained on social media. But to take the UPshow screen to the next level, Fatpour strategically posts to the screen through its own Instagram account. Not only do Fatpour company posts bring a sense of community to the guests, it also alerts the guests to different updates about Fatpour without having to scroll through their Newsfeed. Fatpour can know that the most important people to their business, regulars, are seeing their social updates on the TV screen as well. 

Customer Content:

The social media consumer-generated content aspect of the UPshow platform proves time and time again that today’s consumers love to 1) post to social and 2) see themselves starring on TV screens. With all the new features the Fatpour screen utilizes, the business has still acquired over 2 million social media impressions on content customers have posted to UPshow. 

Chef’s Special:

Everyone gets their moment of fame on the UPshow screen but there are a handful of unique accounts that create a wider reach on social media. Those are influencers. Within the influencer’s large reach are followers yearning to hear the opinions of these trusted sources. Accounts like the one above peak the interest of those looking for great places to eat. If Chef Bruce is on board then his followers are too! 

UPshowNow delights Fatpour’s Badger fans:

Fatpour utilizes our new feature, UPshowNow, to display up-to-date social media posts from guests’ favorite topics including sports, TV, music and lifestyle profiles. Being home to the Wisconsin Badgers fans in Chicago, Fatpour’s UPshow screen airs Badgers social media updates in between the customer’s posts and marketing material. 

Watch an UPshowNow demo here!


Take a look at the deliciously intriguing Spotlights Fatpour shows to guests hanging in venue. Click through to see more but careful, it may make you hungry!