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Spotlight: Kings Bowl Miami

Bow down to the rightful throne of the new age innovative bowling alley- Kings Bowl. Kings Bowl is inspired to merge genuine food, creative cocktails and social gaming to create great memories for all. The Kings Bowl Miami location incorporated UPshow to bring the new bowling experience to life on the big screen.

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at Kings Bowl Miami, as we highlight a few posts that aren’t just customer pictures, they’re invaluable customer promotions.

Food Scene Game Change:

Move over nachos, french fries and vending machine Snicker bars. Kings Bowl Miami is delighting bowlers with enticing warm meals that are just as satisfying as a turkey (a bowling turkey that is). These menu items are gaining attention from more than just the customers, but also social media influencers that have gone to Kings Bowl and posted to the UPshow screen. These influencers have power in the community and when they send a food picture to the UPshow screen, that post on social media is promoting Kings Bowl as the bowling alley of choice for the community looking for a fresh take on the bowling alley dining experience.   

Employee Advocacy:

Kings Bowl is not just any old bowling alley and the employees know it! With UPshow, Kings Bowl employees can post to the UPshow screen with co-workers for fun. The best part is that this fun way to incorporate social media into the workplace is extremely beneficial to the brand. Kings Bowl’s social media stream collects all the employee’s posts that advocate for the brand.    

We are Family…and friends…and first dates:

For most people, unless they’re professional bowlers we suppose, bowling alleys remind you of school field trips, first dates and the casual “let’s get everyone together again after all these years” friend hang out. Kings Bowl provides more than just a bowling game, it provides an entertainment experience. These moments cannot go to waste. By posting on the UPshow screen families, friend groups and even the awkward first date can see their shared memories up on the big screen while Kings Bowl has that social media content to show the great and various experiences those who come to Kings Bowl have.