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Spotlight: Loras College

Loras College, a small private school nestled in Dubuque, Iowa is not only leading the way in athletic games but also in the game of digital signage in higher education.

The college’s implementation of UPshow on campus has resulted in over 2 million impressions on its social media content, consistently making Loras a top performer among all UPshow partners. Loras College has proven that UPshow’s digital signage solution is able to tackle a wide variety of needs such as important school announcements to athletic promotion.

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at Loras College- highlighting social media posts that are more than pictures, they’re promotions for the college:

Digital Involvement Board:

Eager to keep the student body engaged and involved, colleges can sometimes go overboard on school updates. We’ve all seen the notorious involvement board in the student center, overwhelmingly full with activities and announcements.

Social media has been a great companion to the higher education system with keeping announcements streamlined and timely. By keeping the hashtag consistent and not too general, the right announcements hit the UPshow screen at the right time.

With the visual element of the UPshow screen, students passing by can see great action shots and relevant content before heading to social media to get all the details.

Check out some of the great Loras College updates sent to the UPshow screen by clicking the above images!

Get Your Head in the Game- And Your Promoters:

Game schedules, flyers and emails are all things we remember bombarding us during the college years for just about every sport your school had to offer. But after a certain point, this all becomes noise and if you’re like me, the only games you end up going to are the ones with the free Little Caesar coupon upon entry (yes, I’m serious).

With UPshow, Loras College is hitting the right audience both on the screen and on social with its hashtag. Student athletes using the hashtag get to showcase their team on UPshow as well as speak directly to their followers on social media. And we can assume that if you’re following a Loras College student athlete then you’re most likely itching to get to a game!    

Show Off Your Best Side:

What better way to make the Friedman Group Player of the Game feel like an MVP than to showcase this acknowledgement on the UPshow screen for all those passing by to see!

The Loras Women’s Soccer Twitter has its own share of followers who get see this announcement post-game; however, with the UPshow hashtag, #GoDuhawks, an entire community of Loras College followers get to celebrate the player of the game.