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Spotlight: Premier Martial Arts

Since 1998, Premier Martial Arts has helped thousands of students of all ages realize their full potential and develop the skills necessary to build a successful life. With a curriculum focused on character development in addition to self-defense, every student leaves their training with something to be proud of.

Where do proud students share their progress? On UPshow, of course! Here’s how Premier Martial Arts takes their screens to the next level with the UPshow Effect:

Communication Takes the Spotlight

“UPshow has been a great addition to PMA. The spotlight feature is a great way to pre-frame other training programs, new students, and special announcements!” -Myles B., VP of Premier Martial Arts

While simple, PMA’s frequent use of UPshow’s spotlight feature has proven incredibly effective. Instead of posting up flyers or making in-class announcements that no one will remember, PMA posts important information where students can’t miss it — on the TV. Additionally, because of how often PMA updates their screen with new and interesting announcements, their students have learned to look to it as a resource, ensuring no promotions, introductions, or special events go unnoticed.

Smiles Shine on Social

“[It’s] such a great tool for so many reasons; it allows your families to interact and keep connected on another level, students have fun seeing themselves on the screen so they continue to post which in turn provides great marketing opportunities for us.” -Eric Arriaga, Owner of PMA Harlingen

We’ve said it before: no matter how much effort a business puts into other marketing, nothing is more persuasive than word-of-mouth referrals. PMA has no shortage of positive testimonials, and they’ve leveraged that feedback UPshow’s social display feature. When proud parents and students share big achievements and smiling faces on-screen, they are also sharing that positive experience at PMA with their hundreds (sometimes thousands) of followers — essentially giving PMA a public endorsement for free.

Community Values Ring Clear

One thing we at UPshow particularly admired is how PMA harnesses the platform to build their brand. Instead of simply leaving on-screen sharing to students, PMA makes an effort to regularly share content from their own social accounts. Not only does it delight students to see themselves celebrated, it also gives PMA the opportunity to reinforce their business as one that is believes firmly in community, hard work, and inclusion. Shown side by side with customer posts, anyone looking at the screen can clearly see the results of PMA’s brand promise.