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What is the Loop TV App and How is UPshow Different?

So you’re looking for an entertainment and marketing solution to put on the TVs in your business. You know the value engaging your customers can have on your business, and are trying to decide between Loop TV and other alternatives, like UPshow.

While both UPshow and the Loop player have entertainment options and digital signage, UPshow offers more extensive options for both, complete with a wider variety of options and a far more user-friendly management interface.

Put simply: Anyone can pull a playlist of funny videos and pair them with the occasional static signage, but neither of these will make any real impact on your ROI-driving goals unless they are tailored to your audience and built to change their behavior.

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Loop TV Channels vs Entertainment That Engages

How does UPshow compare to Loop TV? For a start, a wider, more custom array of entertainment.

Both Loop streaming system and UPshow give you access to the Internet’s most popular TV channels, from the laugh inducing Fail Army, Pet Collective, and Sketch Comedy channels, to the inspiring People Are Awesome and Nature TV. 

UPshow media, unlike Loop media, has far more than viral videos. What sets UPshow apart is its hyper-local and varied content.  No two businesses serve the same demographic, or region. UPshow’s entertainment channels extend to hyperlocal options and cater to niche interests — from local sports to seasonal events. The corner bar can play highlights from the home team’s latest game, while a nail salon can play show highlights from last night’s episode of The Bachelor, and everything in between. 

Additionally, a valuable perk of UPshow’s content is that it is moderated. Gating entire content playlists behind ratings like TV-MA or Explicit forces you to decide between excluding engaging content from your screens or risking inappropriate content being played in your business. With UPshow, each content piece is approved or denied by real humans, 24/7, so you can feel confident choosing the most relevant content for your guests without worrying.

Digital Signage That Drives Results vs. Loop Media

UPshow’s digital signage is interactive, unlike other digital signage softwares.

A main factor of your digital signage’s effectiveness is how well it is designed. For those with professional design teams, this isn’t a concern. But for franchisees, or small businesses, ease of use is a key feature. UPshow has partnered with Canva, the leading design site for non-designers, to make our creation UI intuitive to use while also providing unlimited possibilities. You are empowered to create the best possible messaging for your business.

Additionally, the call to action on traditional digital signage often requires going to a different point-of-sale to close the deal – for example, heading over to a cash register to purchase a class pass, going to a website to sign up for a loyalty program, or returning to your venue to redeem a coupon. 

The risk here is that customers are likely to forget to act on the promotion, because as soon as they leave the context in which they were marketed to, the promotion is no longer top of mind.

UPshow’s mobile interactive digital signage solves this problem by allowing customers to take action on promotions directly from their phones. Giving guests the ability to act the moment they are moved to do so increases the likelihood they will actually complete the purchase or behavior.

Data and Analytics Help You See the ROI

UPshow provides analytics to show how your promotions perform.

Interactive digital signage provides tangible measurements on how many people interacted with your signage, for quantitative ROI on different promotions. You can see this, and other analytics, in the UPshow Insights dashboard. This dashboard doesn’t only show who has interacted, but also the total value each has driven. The value of each interaction is assigned directly by you to reflect the most accurate and meaningful measurements possible. 

This data resource allows you to optimize your promotions to outperform your competition and get the most value out of every marketing campaign. 

In addition to everything listed here, UPshow has so much more to offer, than the loop TV app including a variety of packages and cloud-based management. UPshow is the only engagement and marketing platform that is truly TV Built for Brands. See why with a free custom demo.

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