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What’s The Difference: UPshow vs. TINT

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So, you’re looking for a new marketing tool. You know the incredible ways Customer Generated Content (CGC) can benefit your business. You’ve narrowed down your options, but are left wondering whether UPshow or TINT will be the service that meets your needs.

I’ll make it easy for you: UPshow can do everything TINT can do, and more, with much less work on your part. Don’t believe me? Let’s break it down.


While TINT offers content curation, branding, digital signage, and CRM, UPshow offers the same features and more in a time-saving, streamlined way.

Automated, Real-time Moderation

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UPshow’s moderation is done by UPshow’s Content Review Team in real-time, by real people, 24/7. This ensures only appropriate content appears on your screens and makes for a far less labor intensive process than TINT’s manual curation platform, which requires YOU to do the moderating. Who has time for that?

Fully Branded

UPshow’s Social TV platform can be completely customized to your brand – colors, style, logo, hashtags and more.

Simple Digital Signage

UPshow’s platform allows for hassle-free uploading of marketing materials from any device, as well as a comprehensive template library to easily create digital signage on-the-fly.

Hyperlocal Entertainment

Subscribe to all the Social Media TV Feeds you want on the teams & topics that matter to your customers. Each feed is powered by the top social media publishers on that topic, which leads to a dynamic content stream of the modern media customers crave!

Trivia & Games

Engage customers with addictive games that they can easily play from their mobile phones!

Wireless Installation

No need to plug in your computer – UPshow’s hardware is the size of a candy bar, built by Google and plugs directly into your TV.

Take a look at UPshow’s full list of available features and partners.