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More Leads

Word of Mouth

Incentivize customers sharing in-venue experiences on their social media.

Higher Member Engagement

Win New

Build an ever-growing testimonial board that drives new business through doors.

Higher Member Engagement


Create simple, engaging signage for upcoming shows, events and lessons.

Transform your TVs into your School of Rock location's top marketing and lead-generating assets. Fully customized and controlled by you, powered by social media.

Member Engagement

Social TV compels your customers to share about School of Rock on social media every time they visit. Everyone loves to be on TV!


Entertain guests with dynamic content on the teams and topics that matter to them - sports, news, pop culture and more! UPshow’s extensive library of Feeds allows you to curate custom programming unique to your venue.

Promotional Marketing Spotlights

Showcase shows, special events, promotions, products and more on your TVs to maximize awareness and sales.

Influencer Identification

Identify and connect with your location’s social media influencers.


Plug and Play Installation

Setup only takes a few minutes. Plug a Google Chromebit into any TV or AV system and you’re all set!

plug and play

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