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Retail Digital Signage for Front of House

UPshow’s front of house solutions harness your retail digital display screens to captivate customers, inspire action and build long-term loyalty while they’re visiting your venue.

Through compelling content and custom templates, UPshow lets you use your existing screens to connect with customers through tailored messages—from the moment they arrive on site.

Promotion picturing onion rings with the heading "Free onion rings" and a QR code taking customers to download the app.

Set the tone of your venue instantly with hundreds of entertainment options, interactive trivia and customer content mixes designed to create the perfect experience for your facility.

Collage of front-of-house digital signage options including trivia, sports, news and social media displays.

Use your large screen and your customers’ small screens together to more effectively engage folks in your venue and drive app downloads, loyalty program sign-ups and customer survey completions.

QSR digital signage advertises the brand's app with a QR code that enables direct downloads.

From high-value menu items to personal training classes, your in-venue screens serve as one of your most effective engagement channels. Target customers in the moment to boost sales on important offerings.

Gym promotion picturing a personal training session, with the heading "Start Your New Year's Resolution" and a QR code.

UPshow tracks each interaction with your venue’s TVs, allowing you to see what content works and make real-time adjustments accordingly.

Insights screen showing engagement, appearances and value generated by UPshow Spotlights.
Crowd of diners in a restaurant watch and cheer during a basketball game.

Retail TV: Catch Customers’ Eyes With On-Screen Content

UPshow’s front of house solutions help you capture customers’ attention the second they step into your space. Our solutions turn digital screens in retail stores into tools that cultivate connections. Through customizable templates and engaging on-screen content, UPshow encourages user interaction and drives customers toward your desired outcomes.

Engage Customers

From entertainment and social feeds to menu displays and in-store promotions, UPshow’s diverse capabilities enable you to create a content mix customized for your audience. Whether your TVs are mounted in a doctor’s office waiting room or a fast-food dining area, our library of more than 300 channels offers endless options for engaging your customers.

Successful engagement is the result of good planning. UPshow understands that your retail digital signage plans often vary by location. Our cloud-driven platform empowers your marketing team with granular control settings, enabling region- or store-specific promotions and the flexibility to adjust your content mix based on time of day. In addition, our Canva integration allows you to create custom graphics, with easy scheduling right in our cloud-based platform.

When customers enter your venue, multiple factors compete for their attention. Our expansive content capabilities let you own the narrative and give your on-screen messages a winning advantage.

Enhance Customer Experiences

Your digital signage should align with your brand. UPshow’s wide selection of entertainment lets you find TV content that meshes with your brand’s personality and improves customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a sports bar looking to play highlights from local games or a fitness club that wants to display healthy eating tips, UPshow demonstrates your values and messaging through engaging video content.

TVs in your venue also help build a community, with user-generated social media content and interactive features to connect your customers. Surface local high school sports scores or feature social media images of your customers using your hashtag to create a customized, memorable experience. UPshow helps you build an in-venue atmosphere that feels unique to your brand and keeps customers coming back—using quick interactions to spark long-term connections.

Try UPshow’s Front of House Digital Signage Solutions.

Restaurant customer using their mobile device to leave a review after digital signage prompts them to do so.

Use Retail Digital Displays to Meet Objectives

Drive Actions

Your retail digital signage isn’t just for passive viewing. UPshow lets you expertly balance entertainment and promotional content to craft the perfect mix that drives customers toward desired activities. Once you have customers’ attention, UPshow leverages engagement strategies like customized QR codes, SMS and short links to bring customers to loyalty program signups, app downloads, satisfaction surveys or other valuable (and trackable) actions.

UPshow’s front of house solutions give you the power to boost loyalty and build relationships with customers in your venue. Our easy-to-use cloud platform allows you to create messages that resonate long after they leave. Whether your goal is more social media followers, selling a certain menu item or soliciting user reviews, UPshow provides the digital screen retail toolkit to help you extend your brand experience beyond your facility. Through custom digital signage, you can create connections that drive valuable actions even after customers leave.

Boost Sales

Through a strategic content mix, our platform allows you to engage your guests and increase interactions with the promotions and offers that matter to your business. From early education that drives awareness of new products to time-based promotions, UPshow allows you to make your TVs a reliable driver of revenue. Through screen-to-mobile technology, our platform makes it easy for your guests to take action—bringing you more sales with less lift for your team.

“UPshow is the primary driver behind 50+ Chick-fil-A mobile app downloads per week at my location.”

Ken Sursen, Owner/Operator
Woman holding a child at a reception desk, with a promotion on the screen and woman behind the desk viewing signage insights.

Maximize ROI With Data-Driven Marketing

Analyze Impact

With UPshow, you don’t have to wonder about the impact of your digital signage. Our front of house solutions allow you to track TV impressions, mobile activity and point-of-sale performance in real time. By measuring each interaction, our platform generates actionable data that informs your content mix.

Ongoing adjustments are vital to maximize ROI from digital screens in retail stores, restaurants and other venues. With UPshow, you view performance analytics at an expansive or granular view and make immediate adjustments, all within the same user-friendly platform. If you’re unsure how to reshape messaging, our customer success teams help you ideate and get the most out of your front of house digital signage.

Your screens may be the first thing customers see inside your facility. UPshow ensures they generate lasting impact.

UPshow’s Front of House Signage Partners

Man sitting at a restaurant eating fries and a burger, with a TV screen in the background.
Nurse talking to a man and woman in a waiting room, with digital signage promotions on the waiting room TVs behind them.
Group of men clinking beer glasses together at a restaurant, with digital signage on the screen behind them.

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