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Back of House Engagement Platform

The UPshow back of house engagement platform enables your employees to view and respond to real-time information via in-venue TV screens and their mobile devices. Our workplace digital signage solution measurably improves employee engagement, training completion speed and productivity.

Highly visible leaderboards on in-venue TVs display real-time staff and team sales performance. This encourages a spirit of competition which drives employees to maximize individual and team performance.

UPshow's digital signage for internal communications shows a leaderboard ranking employees by desserts sold.

Too often, employees lack key metrics about performance against operational goals. UPshow’s corporate digital signage platform lets you communicate KPIs in real time—so staff can react quickly—to impact customer experience and your bottom line.

Screen shows a gym's health and safety KPIs, with a masked employee sanitizing equipment.

Engaged employees are much more likely to stay. Our internal digital signage platform helps you engage and retain staff members by delivering top-notch internal communication and regularly recognizing talented employees.

Corporate digital signage prompts employees to scan a QR code to learn about a vacation program.

Fast, effective employee training is paramount to a high-performing business. UPshow’s back of house workplace digital signage platform enables employees to learn rapidly, accessing courses and certification tests via TV screens with content delivered on mobile.

Internal digital signage shows a masked healthcare worker and prompts users to learn about new PPE protocol training.
Woman washes dishes next to back-of-house digital signage that ranks employees' sales performance.

Employee Productivity

Highly visible leaderboards, displayed on in-venue TVs, display real-time staff and team sales performance. This encourages a spirit of competition which drives employees to maximize individual and team performance, resulting in optimal productivity and sales in your venue. UPshow’s digital signage for internal communications provides a productivity push that brings your goals within reach.

Boost Individual Performance

Display employees’ progress toward important KPIs and sales targets, to boost individual performance and measure growth over time. Metrics to evaluate individual performance include sales targets, customer interaction goals and training completions. UPshow allows you to use your screens to drive employee behaviors that bring you closer to business goals. Our platform helps you increase transparency and get employees engaged and excited about key objectives.

Improve Team Performance

Along with individual achievements, display an entire location’s performance compared to others in your franchise. Surfacing this data creates a sense of unity and improves team performance. Our corporate digital signage software turns KPIs into a friendly competition, gamifying daily goals like sales or loyalty card signups. Clear, compelling internal digital signage shows employees the goals—and makes it easier to achieve success as a team.

Achieve Faster Employee Training

Unlock faster employee training with UPshow corporate digital signage software for your internal screens. Through reminders and screen-to-mobile features, you motivate employees to complete training faster. More course completions translates to a more productive, higher skilled workforce and better customer experiences.

From training prompts to sales leaderboards, your behind-the-scenes TVs act as a powerful communication tool to update employees and achieve desired outcomes. Employees want to know that their efforts make a difference—and UPshow’s back of house solutions make their impact clear, while providing motivation to remain productive.

UPshow delivers the next generation of our King Board and allows us to engage our employees with easily readable real-time data. Our teams achieve greater upsells, more operational objectives, faster training completion and improved delivery of relevant HR and management communications. Because of UPshow, our restaurants are more efficient and better places to work, contributing to higher productivity and employee retention. I would buy UPshow 10 out of 10 times.

Benjamin Wasser, COO

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Doctor and nurse review internal digital signage that covers alerts, bed capacity and patient satisfaction.

Operational Excellence

Too often, employees lack key metrics about performance against operational goals or they receive them too late. To operate at your best, you need to communicate KPIs in real time, so your staff can react quickly and make a material difference to your customer experience and bottom line. With UPshow, your internal digital signage can serve as an unparalleled internal communication tool, updating employees through messaging about:

  • Guest and service KPIs
  • New business offerings, procedures or products
  • Health and safety KPIs

Real-time updates allow your workforce to make process adjustments as needed, and customizable QR codes enable you to measure engagement. Our back of house digital signage for internal communications keeps your team updated through captivating, interactive graphics. Communicate updates like new menu items in your restaurant, updated procedures in your medical clinic or staffing changes at your gym. Quickly get employees the information they need to succeed and improve customer experiences. With our corporate digital signage, you can set operational standards across your company—and ensure employees continue to meet them.

Employee Engagement, Retention and Training

Engaged employees are much more likely to stay at their jobs. To engage and retain your workforce, you need to deliver top-notch internal communications and provide regular recognition of talented employees. With UPshow’s back of house TV screens, alongside employees’ mobile devices, you can materially boost employee retention.

Enhance Internal Communication

Our workplace digital signage improves internal communication and motivates employees to keep them invested in their jobs. From shift notification availability to improved health benefits to acknowledging employee milestones, UPshow lets you use internal digital signage for a range of employee engagement purposes.

Recognize Valuable Employees

Visible communication and recognition reminds employees they are valued members of your organization and that you are invested in their success. With our platform, you can create a public space to celebrate staff birthdays and employment anniversaries alongside other shoutouts and announcements. These small public gestures add up, contributing to a feeling of belonging among your staff and keeping valuable employees on board.

Promote Philanthropy Efforts

With UPshow, use your internal digital signage to highlight corporate social responsibility achievements and initiatives. Encourage participation and bolster staff pride in your business by communicating your company’s impact on the local community. From polling team members on donation beneficiaries to spotlighting volunteer work, this content creates a stronger sense of community within your teams.

Strong communication elevates engagement. Our back of house solutions let you distribute custom messages and recognize employees’ performance—improving morale, strengthening team spirit and materially boosting employee retention.

Employee Training

The speed and effectiveness of employee training is a major contributor to great guest experiences. UPshow’s back of house platform enables employees to rapidly learn about and easily access training courses and certification tests via TV screens, with the content delivered via mobile SMS or email.

Make Courses Accessible

UPshow’s digital signage for internal communications keeps training top of mind for your team. Through customizable QR codes, short links and SMS codes, you make important courses easy for employees to access on their own mobile devices. From restaurants to fitness centers to doctor’s offices, training is a crucial step toward delivering great customer experiences, maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring profitability. Featuring engaging graphics, custom messaging and status updates, our platform encourages faster certifications and drives better outcomes.

Track Employees’ Progress

Publish training course completion statuses for employees and managers through real-time progress tracking via UPshow’s internal digital signage platform. These consistent updates create accountability, ensuring training material is consumed as quickly as possible. Much like sales leaderboards for external goals, this feature encourages competition and quick course completions, resulting in a well trained and more productive staff.

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Restaurant staff member in kitchen with UPshow's corporate digital signage showing a QR code on the wall.
Two healthcare employees review internal screens that show facility data and reminders about safety protocol.

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