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Product Overview and Features
Pricing and Business Model
Selling TouchTunesTV
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Product Overview and Features

How is TouchTunesTV powered by UPshow different from Attract TV?

TouchTunesTV powered by UPshow is an exciting evolution of our social TV product. We've improved greatly on the features from Attract TV that venues love (real-time social engagement and a direct link to the jukebox experience), and added new, market leading management and customer marketing tools. TouchTunesTV is simple to install, configure and use.

Are there Portals for Operators and Locations to manage TouchTunes TV Powered by UPshow?

The TV Partner Portal URL is
  • This site is used by Operators to register with UPshow as a reseller and to order hardware for locations. It also provides them with a summary of their locations and uptime stats per location.
The TV Control Panel is
  • This site is used by Locations to manage onscreen content, ban users, delete posts and create/manage/schedule Spotlights.
  • Operators have access to manage individual locations or all of their screens globally in the control panel.
  • If operators are walking a customer through the process of banning a user or setting up a Spotlight, they would do it from the Control Panel.

How are postings to a TouchTunesTV moderated? What is UPshield?

TouchTunesTV social posts are moderated in several ways.
  • Operators and bar managers and staff can use the TouchTunesTV control panel to delete unwanted posts or ban users from posting forever. Users can also be unbanned any time at the Operator’s and bar manager’s discretion.
  • Posts are only accepted from Twitter and Instagram accounts that have more than 11 followers. These measures prevent people from creating new/fake social media accounts to make inappropriate social posts.
  • Operators and venues can opt for an additional automated moderation (a service called UPshield) for locations that are more sensitive to inappropriate social posts (i.e. family friendly venues). For example, while standard automation is designed to prevent flooding and spamming from new accounts, the $25/month UPshield service includes human moderation for things like offensive memes or nudity. The moderation delay before posts reach the television screen with this service is negligible (approximately an additional 15-30 seconds).

Does TouchTunesTV support Venue messaging?

Yes. TouchTunesTV has venue messaging (called Spotlights) where venues cannot only upload messages on dynamic backgrounds (like Attract TV), but also upload custom graphics, logos and videos.

Which jukebox generations are TouchTunesTV powered by UPshow compatible with?

Unlike Attract TV, TouchTunesTV can display information related to the jukebox from OS2 and Gen 3+ jukeboxes. Gen 3 is not supported. UPshow can still be installed in Gen 3 locations, but it will not dynamically link to the jukebox or display any jukebox-specific content. This may confuse both locations and patrons and is not recommended.

Should Attract TV venues use the same hashtag for TouchTunesTV?

We recommend locations use their most widely known hashtag, whether it is the Attract TV hashtag, or one that pre-dates Attract TV and is more popular.

What is the new double hashtag system used with TouchTunesTV?

To post to the screen at a TouchTunesTV venue, patrons post to the hashtag specific to the locations, as well to #TouchTunesTV. Consider that there are many locations in the US and Canada named “Joes’ Bar. Only posts from #JoesBar accompanied by #TouchTunesTV will be displayed on the screen at the Joe’s Bar where there is a TouchTunesTV system.

What are the criteria for the venue to have the TouchTunesTV powered by UPshow service?

The only technical requirement for TouchTunesTV is that the venue has a broadband connection of at least 1 MB/sec, although 3 MB/sec is recommended. The broadband connection can be via WiFi or hard-wire as long as the bandwidth meets the above criteria. Additionally, we have found that locations with the following characteristics are most likely to be good candidates for Attract TV.
  • The venue had multiple TVs
  • The venue has a TouchTunes jukebox (Only OS2 and Gen 3+ are supported)
  • The venue has average or higher than average TouchTunes Mobile App revenue as a percent of total revenue
  • The venue regularly has events that customers will want to post about such as Karaoke, theme nights, live music, etc.

What is the monthly bandwidth consumption of TouchTunesTV?

UPshow enables locations to subscribe to content channels that provide engaging videos (i.e. popular web videos) that are refreshed weekly. For this reason, the monthly consumption will vary from location to location, but it is generally high enough that TouchTunes recommends installing UPshow in venues where the monthly bandwidth is not restricted.

Will locations be able to use the Amazon device for anything other than TouchTunesTV?

Although the device can technically be used for other purposes, it is not intended to be used for services other than UPshow. UPshow launches by default when the FireTV device boots up and is configured such that it should run over and above any other applications on the FireTV device. Operators can see if the uptime for UPshow is lower than expected on the Portal.

Do the Fire Stick and Fire TV support WiFi? How are they powered?

Both devices support WiFi, and both should be plugged into an outlet for power.

The FireTV stick can be powered by a USB port on a TV if the TV is newer and the USB port gives proper power to the device. If a device constantly restarts or never boots up properly that is a sign that the USB port (if being used) is not providing sufficient power to the device.

Although the Fire Stick can be powered through the USB port, not all TVs are capable of transferring adequate power to the Fire Stick.

The Fire TV, a small media player box, also supports wired Ethernet connections; the Fire Stick does not.

Pricing and Business Model

What is the pricing structure of TouchTunes TV powered by UPshow?

The wholesale cost to the Operator from TouchTunes is $75 / month and includes:
  • Social Posting (Twitter Photo/Video, Instagram Photo/Video)
  • Filters to prevent posts from new or lightly followed accounts
  • Proactive content moderation by venue
  • Dynamic digital signage (designed ads, videos, quick messaging)
  • Direct Jukebox Integration
  • Marketing & Management Portal
  • Knowledge Base and Support

Operators can add the UPshield content moderation service for an additional $25/month.

The hardware is rented to the venue. The first hardware device for a given location is included in the base price. Additional devices for a given location are $10 per month, per additional device.

Additional A/V peripherals (HDMI-to-component converters or splitters) are $50 each (one-time fee). Operators are free to use their own A/V equipment.

How does TouchTunesTV generate revenue for Operators?

Operators generate revenue by charging venues a suggested retail price that is higher than the $75 wholesale price charged by TouchTunes. Suggested retail prices range from $99 per month to $199 per month, depending on options. TouchTunesTV will also generate revenue by creating more awareness, engagement and revenue at the jukebox (if one is on site). Operators can also use TouchTunesTV screens to engage patrons in venues with other coin operated services they provide.

How does billing work?

Venues will be billed for TouchTunesTV directly by UPshow. Operators will be sent commission residual revenues each month for the net difference between their retail price to the venue and their own wholesale price from TouchTunes (including hardware rental fees).

What happens if venue cancels or fails to pay for the month?

Operators will be notified by UPshow and will be asked to help get the venue on a current credit card or update billing on file.

How do Operators cancel the TouchTunesTV service at a location?

Operators can cancel by informing UPshow 60 days prior to the cancellation that they would like to discontinue the service. The operator is responsible for returning the hardware to UPshow. A shipping label will be provided to the operator for returning hardware.

Selling TouchTunesTV

What is the value proposition of TouchTunesTV powered by UPshow?

TouchTunesTV helps venues engage their customers, attract new customers and drive more food and beverage revenue.

  • Posting pictures and video from Instagram and Twitter creates authentic word-of-mouth social marketing that promotes the venue on each customer's social network.
  • Venues can use the TouchTunesTV screen to market their own specials and events, driving customers to come back more frequently, or stay longer and spend more while they are in-venue.
  • With TouchTunesTV, venues naturally and automatically build a database of their customers on social media as they interact with TouchTunesTV. Venues can then use TouchTunesTV marketing tools to re-market to those customers on social media – driving them to come back and build loyalty.
  • Additionally, jukebox awareness videos and spots promoting jukebox songs and artists help inspire customers to stay longer and play more music.

Can Operators keep spare Fire TVs and Fire Sticks to make quick swap outs if there is a hardware failure?

If the Amazon Fire hardware breaks or fails as a result of defect or age (not lost, stolen or broken by the venue or operator), UPshow will simply replace it by sending the operator new hardware and having the defective hardware sent back to UPshow. For Operators who absolutely want to avoid the risk of any downtime, Operators can elect to keep spares, for which they will be asked to leave a deposit with UPshow ($50 for a Fire Stick and $100 for a Fire TV). In the event a device is lost or stolen, Operators can swap in their spare devices, which will have been pre-configured by UPshow when they were shipped out.

Can Operators keep their active Attract TV locations if they want to?

All hardware and software support for the current Attract TV media players will be discontinued at the end of April 2017.

What should current Attract TV locations do with their Attract TV equipment?

The current Attract TV locations can be upgraded to TouchTunesTV and the Attract TV media players must be returned to TouchTunes. Current Attract TV locations are eligible to receive a 120-day billing-free service period to experience the new and improved TouchTunesTV program. This offer is valid for 6 months after the launch of TouchTunesTV (through mid-September 2017).
Operators must return all Attract TV hardware to TouchTunes when they upgrade to TouchTunes TV powered by UPshow or by June 1st if they elect not to upgrade.

There is no charge to the Operator for shipping back Attract TV hardware, and they can package the Media Players and POE injectors ion a single package for convenience.

How do Operators provide venues with the information they need to manage TouchTunesTV in their venue?

Once the Operator has completed the registration process for a new location on their end, they are provided with an Order Completion link they can forward to the location. This link to the Control Portal allows the location to add a billing method and complete the signup process by.

Can a TouchTunes venue sign up directly through UPshow or do they have to do so through their Operator?

TouchTunes Operators are the exclusive vendors of the TouchTunesTV for independent bars. The TouchTunes sales team should relay any venue request for TouchTunesTV to the Operator.

Is TouchTunesTV available in all 50 states and in Canada?


How do Operators order TouchTunesTV powered by UPshow?

Operators can order UPshow for their locations off the UPshow Operator Portal. When doing so, they will need to be able to provide the following:
  • Their Operator ID
  • The jukebox ID at the venue (or venues)
  • The monthly recurring fee they have negotiated with the venue for the service
  • Whether or not the venue would like the additional social posting moderation feature (called UPshield)

Why is TouchTunesTV powered by UPshow a great upgrade at existing Attract TV locations?

In addition to the value proposition of TouchTunesTV powered by UPshow itself, existing Attract TV locations will receive a 120-day billing-free period to try the service out. This offer is valid for up to 6 months following the launch of TouchTunesTV powered by UPshow (approximately mid-September).

Also, the work the location has already invested in Attract TV is maintained after the upgrade.

  • Attract TV venue messages and schedules are transferred to continue to run at locations that upgrade to TouchTunesTV
  • The social posts made to the venue’s hashtag are also imported and transferred from Attract TV locations
The majority of Attract TV Venue Messages have been transferred to UPshow, but there are a few that have not. By mid-May, all Attract TV venue messages will be available. In the interim, Operators can ask UPshow to recreate the Spotlight in a similar template, or choose their own and recreate it themselves.

Were there any promotions for AMOA?

Yes. By registering at Amusement Expo 2017, the first five (5) locations Operators sign-up with are eligible to receive a 1-month service credit from for the service.
  • This offer is valid for up to 4 weeks following Amusement Expo (deadline of 04/17/2017).
  • In order to be eligible for the 1-month service credit, a minimum service commitment of 3 months is required for each participating location.
  • The 1-month service credit will be applied to the location’s UPshow account in the calendar month following activation of the service.
These details are laid on the TouchTunesTV powered by UPshow Operator Registration Forms you received at AMOA.

Can Operators buy their own Fire TV or Fire Sticks?

Yes. If they do, they should call UPshow in advance to let them know. UPshow can download the TouchTunes TV Powered by UPshow software to the devices when the Operator receives them. This process should be done in the Operator’s warehouse in advance of bringing the devices to the location.

Can Operator get a report showing the status of each of their venues with TouchTunesTV?

Operators and Locations will be able to get information on their locations' uptime and downtime in their respective control panel at any time. UPshow is also now developing a way to proactively push alerts to the Operators whenever their hardware goes offline for extended periods of time.

What is the warranty return process for defective hardware?

Operators should reach out to TouchTunes as the first point of contact for all technical service issues. When required, TouchTunes will escalate an issue to UPshow for resolution, including warranty returns.

Is TouchTunes TV powered by UPshow just for bars?

The majority of UPshow’s locations are bars, as are the majority of Attract TV locations. UPshow is also present in restaurants, bowling alleys, fitness venues and tourist attractions. While there is no hard restriction in terms of venue types, the ability to post to a screen means that there is always a possibility that inappropriate content can appear onscreen. Even with tight moderation, it is possible this content could temporarily appear onscreen.

How long does it take for UPshow hardware to arrive at an Operator’s warehouse?

The hardware will arrive in about 5 to 10 business days.

When does the billing period begin for a venue?

The billing cycle begins when the hardware is shipped out by UPshow. Hardware is only shipped once UPshow has a billing method from the location.

How much of the onscreen experience relates to TouchTunes?

During a given period, about 30% of the onscreen content will be dedicated to promoting TouchTunes and its services (Now Playing, Top Plays, Mobile Attract Loops, etc).

Can UPshow be sold to locations without a TouchTunes jukebox?

Yes. For locations that do not have a TouchTunes jukebox, the experience will still promote TouchTunes about 5% of the time during a given time period. There are plans for UPshow and TouchTunes to work on other content for non TouchTunes locations as well.

Can an Attract TV location conduct a free trial of TouchTunesTV powered by UPshow?

Yes. There is no charge to the Operator for 120 days if they are upgrading from Attract TV.

If the Operator requests a large number of Amazon Fire or Amazon TV devices for all their locations up front for the purposes of a free trial, UPshow reserves the right to request a deposit for the hardware.

Program Management and Support

Is there an offline indicator when a device goes off the internet?

Yes. Similar to Attract TV, a red dot appears on the upper-left of the screen when the TouchTunesTV service is offline.

How do Locations set up a message/spotlight?

Creating a message/spotlight within the Portal is a very easy 3 step process.
  1. Login to
  1. Upload, Title, Preview & Schedule the spotlight

Who supports and services the venues?

AS with a jukebox, venues should contact Operators, and Operators should contact TouchTunes Hotline for support. TouchTunes will escalate issues to UPshow as required.
Examples of support we will provide through our portal are:
  • Monitoring each venue's hardware and software remotely and diagnosing potential problems
  • Restarting and/updating hardware remotely as needed
  • Escalating issues to the UPshow support team if needed