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The Ultimate Entertainment Marketing Channel, fully programmed by YOU, just for your patients.

Your Marketing and Promotions

Showcase promotions, additional services, recommended products, educational content and more on your TV.

Hyperlocal Sports Content

Showcase top social media content from the sports teams and topics that matter most to your patients. All professional and major college sports teams are available!

Top Video Channels

Easily add's most entertaining channels - Sports, News, Cartoons, Fear Factor, Xtreme Sports and the world's best viral videos directly to your screen.

Pluto TV

Interactive Trivia

Easily schedule trivia games into the content mix. 13 minutes, 10 questions, and all patients need is a phone to play.

Plug and Play Installation

Setup only takes a few minutes. Plug in a Chromebit to any TV or AV system, connect to internet and launch.

plug and play