Instantly transform your screens into an
engagement platform, with one device.

UPshow’s plug-and-play Consumer Engagement Platform keeps your customers entertained,
while driving the outcomes that matter to your business.


engagement is

We’re still in a world of static signage, distracted customers, and cable TV playing your competitors’ ads. With UPshow, your screens - and your customers’ mobile phones - will work harder at engaging and promoting for you.

We’re trusted by leading bars, restaurants,
healthcare, fitness and entertainment partners
on 12,000 screens worldwide, and counting.


Is UPshow right for your business?

We connect
the two most
important screens
inside your venue.

Tap into your consumer’s existing behavior when they’re inside your business — the need to look at their phone — and give them a reason to engage with your brand, whether it’s to post on social, or sign up for your loyalty program, or remind them of an additional service you provide.

Solutions Built For In-Venue Engagement

Mark Riccardo

Social TV

Louis Gupta


Laura Wilson


Activate your social media jumbotron & showcase only the sports, news and entertainment that matter most to your customers

Seamlessly make your customer’s mobile experience about your brand

Deploy franchise-wide messaging and motivation for your back-of-house screens

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Harness customer insights happening
inside your four walls.

We help our partners understand their customers’ interests and behaviors while they’re in-venue. How? By driving engagement through the three most important screens: TVs, mobile phones, and POS software.

This opportunity to engage customers in-venue is what we call the
Point of Action. With UPshow, you can more effectively drive the actions you want to see - more purchases, loyalty, return visits, awareness.

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