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Create Meaningful Digital Experiences On Your Screens

UPshow is the leading in-venue interactive entertainment and marketing platform. With UPshow, your business transforms its TV screens into engaging digital experiences for customers, patients and employees.

Example of a mobile screen and chart showing how much value UPshow generates.

How it Works

Your Venue + UPshow’s Technology + Your Content

It’s easy to get started. We ship you a powerful device that runs all your content. Plug it into your TV and you’re ready to go. Log into our UPshow Manager platform to create and schedule your custom programming for one to many locations.

We ship a device for each location

Plug your devices into your TVs

All your content is ready

Driving Results Beyond the Screen

UPshow is the only in-venue marketing and engagement platform that delivers a robust suite of analytics tools alongside hyper-targeted and hyper-local marketing and interactive entertainment. Every day, we help our customers curate private, digital TV networks that reach more than 100 million consumers through 25,000 in-venue screens worldwide.

UPshow’s technology seamlessly connects TV screens and mobile devices, creating a revolutionary in-venue experience that increases revenue, drives more repeat visits and generates new customers. From quick serve restaurants to healthcare clinics and fitness studios, we empower organizations with exclusive custom content.

Solutions That Serve Your Business

UPshow harnesses your existing digital signage displays to deliver impact beyond the screen. Our solutions pique your customers’ interest with relevant content and motivate them to action through custom QR codes. We work with you to turn in-venue screens into catalysts for customer loyalty. Through our extensive content options, customized scheduling capabilities and ROI insights, you achieve the outcomes that matter most to your business.


Captivate Your Audience


Inspire Customer Actions


Measure and Adapt

Our Interactive Engagement and Marketing Platform

UPshow enhances customer connections across multiple industries. Our easy-to-use platform facilitates one-of-a kind entertainment, promotions, insights and analytics and digital experiences that enhance your in-venue engagement and drive your business goals.

UPshow’s cloud-based digital signage platform offers complete control of your in-venue marketing campaigns from design to delivery.

Content mixes in UPshow's platform, where users can see content types, view content schedules and manage mixes.

Manage screens across locations with UPshow’s cloud-based solutions. Our user-friendly platform offers complete control of in-venue signage.

Draw your guests’ eyes to screens and enhance in-venue experiences with UPshow’s library of more than 300 channels.

Content integrations available in UPshow's digital signage platform, including sports betting, Twitch and UFC streams.

Integrate industry-leading software, entertainment packages, POS systems and custom applications directly into the UPshow platform.

Three people around a table in an office, with UPshow promotion analytics on the screen behind them.

Tackle your most ambitious marketing campaigns with UPshow’s expert support team and strategic digital signage solutions.

Insights in the UPshow Manager showing promotion appearances, mobile engagements and value generated.

Manage screens across your organization, promoting key campaigns while optimizing each screen within UPshow’s cloud-based platform.

Enterprise-grade Google Chromebox that syncs with UPshow's cloud-based digital signage software.

Plug-and-Play Digital Signage Solutions

Our digital signage software leverages powerful, enterprise-grade hardware, enabling diverse on-screen programming, in-depth analytics and custom, cloud-based control without a clunky setup or added complexity.

Multi-Industry Signage Solutions

By Industry

From automotive dealers to retailers and dental offices, UPshow’s innovative engagement platform helps businesses across sectors to build customer relationships and fulfill marketing and business goals. View a full list of additional industries we serve.

By Use Case

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