Create Meaningful Digital Experiences On Your Screens

UPshow is the leading on-premise performance marketing cloud for screens.

With UPshow, your business transforms customer, patient and employee engagement experiences into revenue generating activities.


UPshow Premium Audio

The perfect balance of sound for your business with engaging content on your screens.

Select from our 50 most popular commercial-free stations

Expertly curated music from your favorite artists

Fully licensed music for all your locations


Combining Customer + Employee Experience

We bring together a suite of features to provide the best, on-premise experience to customers and patients while simultaneously helping you realize improved employee communication.

UPshow SHIFT: First-of-its-Kind Employee Engagement Platform

Deliver the best on-premise employee experience with UPshow SHIFT, the only employee engagement platform designed for deskless workers.

UPshow SHIFT demonstrably improves employee communication, boosts employee productivity, increases operational excellence and speeds up employee training.

Learn More About UPshow SHIFT

Your Business + UPshow’s Platform + Your Content

We ship a device for each location
Plug your devices into your TVs
All your content is ready

Driving Results Beyond the Screen

UPshow is the only on-premise marketing and engagement platform that delivers a robust suite of analytics tools alongside hyper-targeted and hyper-local marketing and interactive entertainment. Every day, we help our customers curate private, digital TV networks that reach more than 100 million consumers through 25,000 screens worldwide.

UPshow’s technology seamlessly connects TV screens and mobile devices, creating a revolutionary on-premise experience that increases revenue, drives more repeat visits and generates new customers. From quick serve restaurants to healthcare clinics and fitness studios, we empower organizations with exclusive custom content.


Solutions That Serve Your Business

UPshow harnesses your existing digital signage displays to deliver impact beyond the screen. Our solutions pique your customers’ interest with relevant content and motivate them to action through custom QR codes. We work with you to turn on-premise screens into catalysts for customer loyalty. Through our extensive content options, customized scheduling capabilities and ROI insights, you achieve the outcomes that matter most to your business.

Drive Additional Revenue

Improve Customer Retention

Increase Check Sizes

Increase Dwell Time

Our Interactive Engagement and Marketing Platform

UPshow enhances customer connections across multiple industries. Our easy-to-use platform facilitates one-of-a kind entertainment, promotions, insights and analytics and digital experiences that enhance your on-premise engagement and drive your business goals.


UPshow’s front of house digital signage solution directly impacts customer’s spend in your venue with content that inspires additional sales and return visits.

Customer Experience

Use our comprehensive back of house employee engagement solutions to inspire employee engagement, boost productivity, reduce churn and increase profitability.

UPshow Health engages your patients when they’re inside of your clinic, helping you and your practitioners promote healthy behaviors to improve patient outcomes.

Patient Experience

Drive improved employee engagement with UPshow Health to inspire and retain employees, boost producitivty and maintain operational excellence.

Healthcare Employee Engagement

Plug-and-Play Digital Signage Solutions

Our digital signage software leverages powerful, enterprise-grade hardware, enabling diverse on-screen programming, in-depth analytics and custom, cloud-based control without a clunky setup or added complexity.

From automotive dealers to retailers and dental offices, UPshow’s innovative engagement platform helps businesses across sectors to build customer relationships and fulfill marketing and business goals. View a full list of additional industries we serve..

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