The UPshow
Partner Program

UPshow is a leader in digital signage solutions and partners with IT Solutions Providers, AV Integrators, Value Added Resellers, Trade Associations and other companies that share a similar customer base.

Our partners work with UPshow in order to:

  • Drive new revenue streams
  • Offer benefits to their members
  • Deepen business relationships with their clients
  • Create a more complete offering by bundling UPshow with their service

Ready to partner with UPshow? Email us at or fill out the contact form below.

Who is this program for?

IT Solutions Providers
Value Added Resellers
AV Integrators
Trade Associations
HR Services Providers
Bar and Restaurant Suppliers
Purchasing Groups
Healthcare Services Providers

Industries UPshow serves:

How does it work?

Get In Touch
Fill out the contact form or email and tell us more about your company

Complete simple onboarding and training

We’ll pay you monthly for sending us new customers or warm leads

Benefits of Partnering with UPshow

  • Promote a Great Product: We love UPshow and you will too. You’ll be proud to share a great solution with even your most selective clients.

  • Customer Success: Every UPshow customer has a dedicated success representative, so you can rest assured that whoever you refer to us will be in good hands.

  • Partner Support: You will always have the name, number and email of a full time UPshow employee and will get a response 100% of the time.

  • Feature Requests: Is there something new you wish UPshow did? Tell us and if it makes sense we’ll make it happen.

  • Marketing Support: We’ll set you up for success with the tools and materials you need to sell.

  • Training: We’ll make sure you know the ins and outs of UPshow and share best practices on how to sell it.

About the UPshow Product

UPshow turns any TV into a source of entertainment and performance marketing with our customer facing offering and can also serve as a tool for internal communication and engagement with deskless workers via our employee facing offering. With the most complete feature set and best customer service in the industry, UPshow is a plug and play digital signage solution you’ll be proud to promote.

UPshow is an On-Premise Marketing Solution that:

Engages Customers
Drives sales & revenue
Improves loyalty
Drives App Downloads
Improves reviews & ratings
Improves Employee comms
Boosts employee productivity
Increases employee retention
Amplifies training material visibility
Drives operational excellence

Reseller vs Lead Gen vs Bespoke Terms

You close the deal and then hand new customers over to us for onboarding.

  • Highest revenue share

  • We’ll train you on UPshow

  • UPshow still manages service

  • We provide marketing materials

Lead Gen
Help us connect with new customers, we’ll close the deals and pay you a percentage of gross revenue.

  • High revenue share

  • Easy to execute

  • Drives recurring revenue

  • We provide marketing materials

Have other ideas on how we can work together? Let us know!

  • Discounts to select groups

  • Combine lead gen and reseller

  • Propose a different structure

  • Let’s win together

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone be an UPshow Partner?
Are there any minimums?
How does UPshow pricing work?
Are there any caps on how much I can earn?
How does billing work?
Can I sell my services along with UPshow?
What industries does UPshow serve?
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