Fast-Casual + QSR Digital Signage

Captivate your customers and achieve key business objectives with compelling, branded restaurant digital signage for fast-casual and QSRs. From boosting app downloads to sharing the latest promotions, UPshow brings your screens to life.

Appeal to hungry customers with appetizing videos of high-value menu items, and use UPshow’s screen-to-mobile activation solutions and QR codes to prompt click-throughs on exclusive promotions. UPshow inspires actions that boost sales.

You can’t meet your sales and customer satisfaction goals without full employee buy-in and support. UPshow enhances your internal communication channels, helping you ramp up productivity, retain employees, speed up training completion and more.

Capitalize on the untapped potential of QSR TVs. Using UPshow, capture patrons’ interest with eye-catching graphics and messages tailored for them.

Effectively managing your digital signage for fast-casual and QSRs requires complete visibility into your Spotlights’ performance. In UPshow’s customer engagement platform you can attach trackable elements to on-screen promotions, resulting in analytics that inform smarter marketing decisions.

Stronger data leads to smarter promotions. With UPshow’s in-depth insights you can take action in real time, updating your fast-casual or quick-service restaurant content to include high-performing elements that elevate your ROI.

“UPshow is the primary driver behind 50+ Chick-fil-A mobile app downloads per week at my location.”

Ken Sersun, Owner/Operator, Chick-Fil-A Albuquerque, NM Central & Eubank

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