Patient Engagement Solution for Waiting Room TVs in Hospitals, Medical Clinics & Doctors Offices

Reach patients and healthcare employees within a larger health system with content and offers on Hospital waiting room TVs. Strengthen connections, increase engagement and drive better outcomes.

Use waiting room signs for patients to ensure they know precisely where to go within your hospital, whether you have a single building or multiple campuses.

Help patients consolidate their care within your healthcare or hospital system. Showcase your preferred medical partners on your hospital’s patient tv systems and make scheduling appointments with new providers easy with scannable QR codes.

Replace easy-to-miss printed signage and brochures with waiting room videos or displays to explain common procedures, encourage healthy habits and improve patient outcomes.

Custom messaging and entertainment options instantly set the tone across your campus treatment areas. Curate waiting room TV programming and content that comforts patients, improves their experience and further engages them while they wait.

Hospital digital signage isn’t a one-way communication tool. UPshow’s medical clinic TV software lets you solicit feedback, lead patients to the right online review sites and drive word-of-mouth marketing success.

“UPshow has given our company the ability to reach our customers in new and different ways. Whether it’s showcasing our services, giving tips to patients or posting a birthday shoutout, there are always ways to engage with our patients sitting in waiting rooms. We are very happy to have UPshow in every one of our physical therapy clinics!”

Reagan Rosenhamer, Marketing & PR Coordinator


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