Digital Signage Display Software and Solutions for Healthcare Clinics and Medical Offices

Set up and leverage digital signage in your healthcare centers (optometry, chiropractic, and physiotherapy clinics) to reach patients and employees. Display content and offers that strengthen connections, increase engagement and drive better outcomes.

Replace easy-to-miss printed signage and brochures with videos or displays on healthcare digital signage to explain common procedures, encourage healthy habits and improve patient outcomes.

From highlighting new health products to showcasing timely offers and new services, UPshow turns your screens into powerful incremental sales tools — reaching patients while their health is top of mind.

Custom messaging and entertainment options instantly set the tone across your campus treatment areas. Use the UPshow digital signage CMS to curate waiting room TV programming and content that comforts patients, improves their experience and further engages them while they wait.

Digital signage  for medical offices and healthcare clinics isn’t a one-way communication tool. Our platform lets you solicit feedback, lead patients to the right online review sites and drive word-of-mouth marketing success.

Whether you want patients to download your app for better care management or easily access online forms, UPshow allows you to promote these actions and measure results.

“In the past, we would put out [printed materials] – flyers, table cards, and it becomes messy. Now, we leverage our screens for [communication pieces] like doctor bios and include a QR code next to each bio. It’s amazing to see the engagement. Parents do want to learn about the doctors, but they don’t necessarily want to stand there and read a bio on screen – they’d rather view it on their mobile phone.”

Jenn McClain-De Jong, CMO

7 Ways Patient Engagement Drives Revenue Growth for Healthcare Clinics


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