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UPshow’s versatile digital displays adapt to meet your priorities. Our wide array of engagement and promotional tools drive the outcomes that matter most: sales growth, increased loyalty and new customer referrals.

Boost spending on revenue drivers like merchandise and concessions while enhancing attendee experience.

Make visits memorable while increasing customer bounce-back.

Build an engaging shopping experience and drive participation in special promotions.

Family Entertainment

Increase visit frequency, drive upselling, and boost word-of-mouth to establish your venue as the go-to location for family celebrations and fun. Build a cohesive network of digital displays across multiple locations, all managed on one simple platform.

Activity Parks: Boost interest in parties and events while promoting safety rules.

Arts & Crafts Venues: Encourage word of mouth with interactive social media screens and advertise package discounts.

Special Experiences: Increase sales by showcasing merchandise and encourage customers to return with frequent visitor rewards.

Create in-venue digital signage that adds to the guest experience while promoting special events, merchandise, and more. Build loyalty with birthday shoutouts and discounts, or motivate customers to return for upcoming seasonal offerings. Designing promotions is easy for anyone with our Canva-integrated signage creator. In our cloud-based digital signage platform, schedule promotions to display weeks or months in advance.

UPshow’s more than 300 entertainment channels include hyperlocal news and sports, as well as family-friendly viral videos and cartoons. Use these channels to connect with customers and draw eyes to the screen. Select relevant content for your audience, whether a birthday party or corporate event. Unlike with in-venue cable, never worry about airing unsavory content or competitor advertising.

Drive valuable word-of-mouth communication with interactive social digital displays. Show guests’ social media posts on your TVs to create a unique moment that encourages others to share their experience as well. When a guest posts with your venue’s custom hashtag, the post is then moderated for inappropriate content and appears on-screen in minutes. This content promotes your business to a broad circle of potential new customers.

Digital signage players save money and improve margins by eliminating expensive paper signage and point-of-sale materials. Update communication quickly and efficiently without a trip to the printer.


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Sports and Leisure

Incorporate the jumbotron experience throughout your event with captivating digital displays that drive sales and capitalize on extended dwell time.

Increase guest spending by using your digital signage players to promote revenue drivers. Direct attendees to the point-of-purchase for merchandise; food and beverage concessions; and raise awareness of upcoming events and special ticket discounts. Customers can take action on purchases without leaving their seats thanks to mobile-interactive, custom QR codes.

Fulfill ad sales quickly and easily. Upload, manage, and display advertising and sponsorships across multiple screens. Schedule content weeks or months in advance, and track the value of impressions over time.

Air relevant pre and post event entertainment to encourage increased dwell time and drive excitement. With more than 300 channels to choose from, UPshow’s entertainment selection engages any audience: from hyperlocal sports and news to viral trick shots and stunt videos.



Improve your in-store experience while driving sales and return visits. Custom in-store digital signage engages patrons as they shop with an immersive mix of promotions, social media and entertainment.

Attract customer attention to your existing TVs and digital displays with stunning marketing materials. Promote high-margin products, upsell special items and services and better connect with your customers. Increase loyalty by broadcasting upcoming sales and discounts, and by driving downloads to brand apps where customers can leverage mobile coupons. 82% of consumers redeem a mobile coupon within one week of receiving it, per Inmar Intelligence. Screen-to-mobile technology makes it easy for shoppers to act on promotions the moment they’re targeted—all it takes is the scan of a custom QR code to direct them to any online destination or mobile app. Implementing mobile experiences in-store drives up to 146% revenue growth, according to Stratix and IHL Group.

Strengthen your brand experience with a digital signage player that entertains in ways cable can’t. Take control of your TVs and curate a selection of entertainment options featuring the content that matter most to your customers. Choose from hyperlocal news and sports to interest-based channels like pop culture and fashion. Through UPshow, you can avoid playing inappropriate content or competitor advertising ever again with your every own branded TV network.

More than one-third of shoppers use social media to inform and influence their purchase decisions. Shape the online conversation about your store and drive sales with an interactive social media display. Customers share their experience directly to your in-store digital signage by posting on social media with a custom hashtag, driving word of mouth and new customer referrals. Posts are moderated in minutes by real people, so your screens stay safe.

Digital signage players save small business retailers money and improve already thin margins by eliminating expensive paper signage and point-of-sale materials. Update communication quickly and efficiently without a trip to the printer.

UPshow benefits your back of house employee engagement, too. Motivate staff with on-screen recognition, provide clear communication across all locations, and allow for transparency about key topics like shift availability.


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