Why UPshow’s Digital Signage?


Your in-venue screens have endless potential. UPshow empowers you to make the most of your TVs, converting them into one-of-a-kind experiences with winning marketing messages. Our digital signage company helps you win, delivering an impact that expands far beyond the four walls of your business.

Captivate Your Audience

Create Connections Through Digital Signage

Connecting with customers means first getting their attention. UPshow equips your business with entertaining content, compelling graphics and the platform to expertly manage it all. Our digital signage platform makes it easy to attract attention and build long-lasting customer connections.

With UPshow, you gain access to 300+ entertainment channels. Encompassing hyperlocal sports and news, weather, viral videos, social media displays, interactive games and more. Our selection supports a curated content mix that matches your brand. Compelling content options attract eyes to your screens, enhancing the in-venue experience while also increasing the effectiveness of advertisements. From showing a meditation walk-through on a healthcare waiting room TV to displaying members’ progress photos in a fitness club, to promoting app downloads for your restaurant, our platform flexibly adapts to your industry and business needs.

UPshow is more than a digital signage company—we’re a key partner in building your brand. We help you achieve desired outcomes from the moment your customers walk into your facility. Our wide-ranging, customizable channels and sleek templates capture visitors’ attention, opening the door for more direct marketing. Leverage UPshow to realize the full potential of your digital signage through experience-enhancing content mixes that increase satisfaction, drive loyalty and boost your bottom line.Try UPshow’s Digital Signage Software for Your Business

Try UPshow’s Digital Signage Software for Your Business


Inspire Action

The Three Screens of Engagement

UPshow’s platform activates people while they are present in your venues. Our Venue Engagement Cloud transforms the use of existing technology (TV, mobile, point of action) to drive extraordinary outcomes for your business.

Drive Valuable Customer Interactions

Wall decor or paper flyers are no longer the best ways to communicate with customers and see results. UPshow provides a robust, cloud-based platform that brings your business into the digital age, using your screens to achieve outcomes that matter to your business. Through time-tested templates and strategic content mixes, our software puts you on the path to increasing revenue and boosting employee engagement.

Whether you’re looking to drive app downloads, provide information on new services or solicit online reviews, we provide the resources and technology to reach these objectives. Through convenient screen-to-mobile activation, you connect with customers while they’re in your venue and create value long after they leave. UPshow’s promotion templates work in tandem with our wide-ranging entertainment options, forming a cohesive experience that gets customers invested and encourages them to take action.

Offering full cloud control, our platform makes it easy to optimize your screens and tailor promotions to the needs of targeted demographics. UPshow enables you to adjust content nationally, regionally or down to a screen-specific level, meaning each customer gets an experience designed for them. Adding customizable QR codes, short links and SMS codes takes just a few clicks in the platform’s scheduling function. These features make it easy to activate customers while they’re in your venue and on their mobile devices. From personal training sign-ups to employee training completions, we help you achieve outcomes that matter to you—without requiring a heavy lift for your employees.

As a results-focused digital signage company, we understand the impact of your screens is often measured by what happens after customers stop looking at them. Your goals may be ambitious, but through UPshow’s appealing templates, built-in calls to action, real-time adjustments and granular control, we help make your signage count and your goals a reality.

Measure and Adapt

Use Performance Insights to Tailor Your TVs

Capitalizing on the potential of your digital signage requires continuous adjustments. UPshow gives you have full visibility into campaign performance, allowing you to make data-based decisions and optimize your screens. Great businesses listen to their customers and respond—and our in-depth analytics enable you to do the same with your in-venue messaging.

Through customizable QR codes, short links and SMS codes, you can track each interaction with your screens and quantify their effectiveness. Our platform turns this data into analytics that let you compare performance between locations, screens and spotlights—allowing you to take note of high-performing promotions and adapt your content in real time. We empower a responsive digital signage strategy, letting you continuously monitor and increase the impact of your on-screen content.

When a specific outcome or particular campaign is important to your business, it is crucial to measure progress and adjust. Whether you’re trying to drive app downloads, flu shot sign-ups or promote a discount code, UPshow provides a complete picture of your promotions’ performance. As more data comes in, you can tailor your promotions to get the most click-throughs, sign-ups or items sold. As a forward-thinking digital signage company, UPshow equips you with a comprehensive dashboard to evaluate progress and respond quickly.With our scheduling function integrated in the same platform as our performance insights, we make it easy to update templates and content from anywhere, at any time. And if you get stuck or need to lean on outside expertise, UPshow’s customer support teams are always ready to step in or act as a sounding board. Through a consultative approach and extensive subject-matter knowledge, our teams play an advisory role in helping you meet your goals.

Smart marketing stems from complete visibility. With thorough tracking methods and easy-to-navigate data displays, UPshow puts the potential for revenue-boosting digital signage solutions at your fingertips.

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