Digital Signage for Bars & Restaurants with TVs

Use TVs in your restaurants and bars to create memorable experiences that turn one-time diners into loyal customers. From increased satisfaction to increased sales, UPshow helps you achieve your desired outcomes simply by improving your restaurant and bar TV shows and displays..

With UPshow’s customer engagement platform, you can influence customers’ on-premise behaviors  with TVs for restaurants. Increase dwell time, drive app downloads and impact spending per transaction with carefully placed TVs in restaurants and bars showing restaurant ads and promotions, maximizing profitability.

How do you upgrade your experience from a nice meal to a memorable event at TV bars and restaurants? Say hello to UPshow’s content library, perfect for bars with TVs and restaurants with atmosphere. Our 500+ entertainment channels enhance every type of atmosphere, whether people come to your restaurants to watch sports or for quality family time.

The restaurant business moves quickly, but the UPshow’s customer engagement platform moves even faster. Easily modify menu item promotions, and update your TVs in restaurants and bars in a matter of minutes to drive efficiencies and avoid service delays, utilizing restaurant TV screens for optimal engagement.

Does a video of a beverage being poured influence sales more than a static promotional graphic on the TV in your restaurant or bar? With UPshow’s in-depth analytical capabilities, you learn which content drives incremental sales,  all through specially designed TV content for restaurants and bars, taking advantage of free restaurant advertising opportunities.

From time-of-day promotion adjustments to limited-time menu offers, UPshow’s customer engagement platform gives you the flexibility to adapt on the fly.

6 Unconventional Uses for Your Bar & Restaurant TVs


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