Powerful Digital Solutions for Education and Student Engagement

UPshow’s versatile digital displays adapt to meet your priorities. Our wide array of engagement and promotional tools drive the outcomes that matter most: sales growth, increased loyalty and new customer referrals.

Promote healthy eating habits for students from kindergarten through higher education. Highlight your healthy meal plans, and make ordering contactless and simple.

Keep everyone in the know about important campus events, from student plays to holidays to in-school testing events. Use your screens to drive awareness of and engagement with all kinds of events.

Keep students informed of new developments. Centralized screens let students and teachers in the know during rapidly developing situations or our ever-changing daily lives.

Use on-campus screens to showcase student work, both on- and off-screen. Highlight your most exciting student work, from art to academic submissions, and recognize your students’ hard work!

Keep school spirit high! Encourage students to share photos from student activity groups using your school or campus hashtags. Center your students on your screens and turn them into campus stars.

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