New Data Reveals Opportunities for Retailers to Redefine the Future of Healthcare

August 3, 2023

UPshow today released a new report that explores the growth of retail health clinics and the opportunities they have to shape the future of healthcare. The report, Healthcare Ecosystem 2021: Retail’s Role in the Future of Care — which surveyed 500 consumers and 250 retail healthcare executives across the U.S. — offers data-driven insights to help navigate changing consumer expectations and drive better patient experiences in 2021 and beyond.

While retail health clinics were already growing in popularity ahead of the COVID-19 crisis, the pandemic accelerated their growth as quarantined consumers aimed to consolidate their on-premises shopping trips. According to the report’s findings, 32% of consumers said COVID-19 increased their usage of retail health clinics, and almost half (49%) say that they’ll be more likely to use these clinics even after the pandemic subsides. Further, 74% of retail healthcare executives reported the pandemic has increased the volume and/or revenue of their healthcare offerings.

As the trend toward retail healthcare continues and executives look to strategically capture and retain consumers, the findings reveal discrepancies between consumers’ expectations and businesses’ delivery. The data showed many opportunities to deliver an improved experience.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Misconceptions and wariness among consumers: Nearly half (47%) of respondents said they’re not confident in the quality of care provided at retail health clinics. Further, one in 10 respondents weren’t even aware that retail health clinics accept most major health insurers.
  • Retailers aren’t meeting consumers’ digital expectations: Only 16% of consumers find paper signage valuable in retail health interactions, but many find it is the most popular form of communication. Additionally, 93% of retail healthcare executives report being satisfied with their mobile app and/or web portal when only 38% of consumers say they even remember being invited to download a mobile app or visit a web portal when they visited a retail healthcare clinic.
  • Consumers are open to spending more: 77% of consumers have one or more prescriptions that require regular pharmacy visits for refills. Of those consumers, more than half (56%) would consider using retail healthcare for other services such as preventive care, primary care and/or physical exams.
  • Retailers are leaving money on the table: Only 21% of retail healthcare companies are using available communication methods to encourage repeat visits from customers, and 70% are failing to guide customers toward relevant in-store products that could lead to larger transactions.

“This unprecedented time is giving retailers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine the retail healthcare space,” said Scott Axonovitz, CRO at UPshow. “Retailers that recognize consumers’ changing healthcare needs and amplify their in-store environments through digital-first communication channels will be best positioned to succeed.”

Download the full report

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